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ghd mythbusting Q&A Session

ghd Head of Creative, Andreas Stavrou answers all your questions about ghd stylers! 

WILL USING MY STYLER EVERY DAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO MY HAIR? Any heat on the hair will have an effect so it's essential to use products to protect your hair throughout the styling process.

THE HIGHER THE TEMPERATURE OF MY STYLER, THE QUICKER MY HAIR WILL BE TO STRAIGHTEN... Absolutely not! This is a common misperception, but the reality is that a constant heat works the best. Our research shows that using anything above the optimal temperature to style hair is detrimental. Research shows that some electricals that reach a very high temperature actually don't maintain this heat so when you style your hair, you won't get the results you want and you'll go over the section again and again, causing structural damage to your hair. The key to effective styling is a consistent temperature. You'll get the results you want without damaging your hair!

I DON'T USE ANY HEAT PROTECTION PRODUCTS AND MY HAIR LOOKS FINE. DO I REALLY NEED IT? Hair can often look in perfect condition when it isn't and strong and resistant hair textures can still be damaged. Damage builds up over time so your hair can appear fine. If damage to hair was instantly visible, like turning on a light switch, everybody would use heat protection products!

IF I FORGET TO TURN OFF MY STYLER, WILL IT OVERHEAT AND BLOW UP? All ghd stylers have a sleep mode so they will turn off after thirty minutes for your peace of mind.

IS IT TRUE THAT I SHOULDN'T WRAP THE CORD AROUND MY STYLER? Yes! If you wrap it around your styler, you're wrapping it around something that is warm so the cable will take on that coiled shape which will not only cause damage to wires inside, putting them under stress they don't need, but it will also limit the flexibility of use of the 2.7m cable.