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Lady Of The Manor | Create The Perfectly Polished Trend At Home

Perfectly polished and pristine but in no way prim. Hair is shiny, not starchy. Grown-up, yet not grown out. It's the antithesis to unkempt and loose textures.


The high society ponytail isn't just your common or garden ponytail. Pulled tight and worn high up on the crown, it makes one big swooshing statement. Ideally, this works best on hair that is long as it will make an impact, however you can fake it with a clip-in extension if your hair is shorter. The key to this trend is for there to be movement in your 'tail and for it to be as glossy as possible. Blow-dry hair with curve to it, or add in a slight wave with a styler to create this effect.


Look back to the glamorous heroines of yesteryear for the inspiration behind this hair trend. Hair is backcombed with incredible volume for an exaggerated shape and then smoothed over to create an elegant, almost regal feel. Unlike past seasons, the emphasis is on keeping this look neat and groomed. It is all about being perfectly polished, after all.


The topknot has been a hot updo trend for several seasons, but the new take on this look is to create an oversized knot, with an almost flattened finish. Whereas, ballerina buns are perfectly spherical, the new shape sees a ring, or roll of hair that has been teased out until it has decreased in volume and increased in diameter for a super-sized finish.


Country-luxe waves are all about creating healthy and glossy movement within the hair. Large 'almost' waves, create the curve throughout the hair which reflects the light for a polished and expensive feel. Blow-dry hair with some lift, you don't want it to fall straight and sleek, but with body and bounce. Tame any flyaways with a small amount of serum or shine spray to keep the style neat.

Create the Perfectly Polished trend at home