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2015 hairstyles | ghd®

We reveal four key trends that will be inspiring the way you wear your hair this year.

1990s HIP-HOP

Cornrows are back, but this this time they’re beautiful.

With roots that lie in hip-­‐hop culture, this directional hair trend extends beyond the entertainment industry and has been filtering into the fashion scene.

Trends are shifting towards a more experimental approach to braided hairstyles and this includes tightly woven cornrow detailing and deconstructed braids.

From faux-undercuts, to roughly textured braids, plaits are anything but prim and proper!


The antithesis to last season’s grungy, gothic and punk looks, hair is taking a super-­‐pretty and romantic turn to complement the modern romance apparel trend.

Think pretty and lady-­‐like waves, both glossy and softly brushed out. Bring the romance with chignons, rolls and pleats. Elegant. Feminine. Expensive.

Updos are worn with a loose and dry texture with flyaway pieces left to fall around the head and adorned with floral details as seen at Zac Posen and decorated with gold leaf as seen at Dries Van Noten and Lela Rose.


Moving away from all things pristine and primped, this trend champions a slightly tomboy-­ish take on the natural look.

Think slight bends and kinks towards the ends of the hair instead of uniform waves and polished curls.

It’s slightly messy but still covetable. Perfectly imperfect. Cool. Self-assured. Nonchalant.


This trend looks to creating styles that are uber-youthful and fun, taking a cue from current street perma-pastel trends and young Hollywood.

Space buns are a mainstay of this trend. Whether braided and tightly coiled, or looose and messy, it's all about double the bun, double the fun!

Maximise impact with coloured wefts, spray chalks and pomades.

The focus of this trend is on fun and freedom. It's hair that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's hair that wants to be noticed.


HAIR BY: Jo Robertson, Lorna Moore, Sophie Laidlaw, LeighAnne Regan, Tom Hart and Sally Whitehead. Assisted by Chad Maxwell, Charlotte Roberts, Ryan Humpage and James Oxley.


STYLING: Paula Moore

MAKE-UP: Krystle Gohel

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