Backstage with ghd and PPQ at London Fashion Week

An explosion of prints, floaty chiffons and bold nautical stripes calls for 60s inspired French Riviera hair


Hair is blow-dried smooth with lots of volume using the ghd air™ and root lift spray. By blow-drying the hair upwards, the all important lift at the roots is created.


Next, the hair is smoothed out with a styler to create a shiny and sleek finish. The sides of the style are sprayed with hairspray and the rest of the hair is pulled into two ponytails, one at the crown, and one at the back of the head. Using a tail comb, the front section of hair is lightly backcombed and teased to create height and then both ponytails are plaited together and a mesh donut is placed at the base of the top ponytail. This creates lift and becomes the scaffolding to the style.


Finally, an extension is placed over the donut and a styler is used to smooth and bevel the ends of the hair. The ends are then pinned to create a large under-tuck and then there's one last misting of hairspray to banish flyaways and add polish.


The ghd team are done and the PPQ models are ready to hit the runway!


Want to try the French Riviera bouncy 1960s ponytail? These are the professional products that were used by the ghd team to create the London Fashion Week hairstyles at PPQ SS13.

By Del Samat

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