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say hello to steve robinson

An expert in precision cutting and styling, Steve is equally at home working backstage at London Fashion Week or bringing techniques to life on stage in front of thousands.

WHY HAIR? I've built up a rapport with my clients and my colleagues have become my friends. Who wouldn't want to be with their friends every day?!

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Magazines such as I-D, Wonderland, Pop & WIG but the ghd Art Team and my colleagues at Electric are all such talented visionary people and it really makes me work harder to produce work to live up to their standards.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF WORK I put my heart into everything I produce so I guess it would be honest.

WHO IS YOUR HAIR HERO? Vidal Sassoon inspired me to have a career in hairdressing. Over the years many more have joined that list, from the well known industry idols like Akin Konizi, Tim Hartley and Guido Paulo to the people I work with weekly.

Career highlight? Shooting a collection for Diesel with Rankin. I don't know what's going to top that! 

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? My daughter. She's the reason I'm doing what I'm doing.

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN FIVE WORDS Grounded. Committed. Naughty. Fearless. Joker. 

WHICH HAIRSTYLE WOULD YOU BAN FROM HISTORY? Tramlines are a trend that should never have happened!

I WOULD BE STARSTRUCK IF...The Queen tweeted me and asked for a restyle! 


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