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say hello to leah walton

She's the highly talented and creative latest recruit to the ghd Art Team, with an eye for all things beautiful and avant garde

WHY HAIR? I’ve been obsessed with hair since I was a little girl – I would be braiding my friends’ hair in the queue for the slide at the park! I love the creativity that creating beautiful hair demands, and I love being part of the official happiest industry in the country.

DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF WORK I would say it is edgy and avant garde, but never at the expense of beauty.

WHO INSPIRES YOU? I follow everything that Rankin posts on Twitter – I love that everything he does is beautiful but raw and new. 

WHICH HAIRSTYLE WOULD YOU BAN FROM HISTORY? That would have to be the mullet! 

WHICH HAIR LOOK DO YOU WISH YOU'D CREATED? Ombre! It's beautiful, it's taken the world by storm and it's going to around for a long time. 

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? Rising to challenges, succeeding and the sunshine! 

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN FIVE WORDS Determined. Energetic. Creative. Passionate. Generous.