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   1st May 2015
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Laura Adams

Account Manager

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Laura Adams

Account Manager

Japonesque II (3 of 3)

Evoking the mystique of the Geisha and the hard edged, high tech world of a hectic Tokyo night Japonesque II further broadens Darren and Jacki Ambrose’ burlesque avant-garde work for 2007. The sculptural and progressive shapes work beautifully with the inspiring cuts and textures of the clothes and the utterly perfect make-up. Japonesque II is hair as art. Innocent blondes are curved and looped into head lengthening shapes or sculpted into a honeycomb of delicate web like texture. Jet black is juxtaposed with gold and red to create rope like coils or the darkest glossy bob is joined with chains of falling black and blonde.

Reposted from: D & J Ambrose