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Twirls, whirls and swirls. Be a showstopper with a head full of glossy curls.

STEP ONE Prep hair by misting ghd total volume foam directly at the roots and then apply ghd straight and smooth spray to the mid-lengths and ends.

STEP TWO Blow-dry hair using the ghd air hairdryer and a natural bristle brush. By lifting the hair and aiming the heat at the roots, you'll create lots of volume!

STEP THREE Section hair into panels. Starting at a side section, mist with ghd curl hold spray and then comb through to evenly distribute the product.


STEP FOUR: THE DIRECTIONAL CURL Take a vertical section of hair from the side of the head and place the ghd gold 1/2” professional styler at the root on a 45° angle. Rotate the styler 180° and glide towards the ends, keeping the styler angled downwards. Continue this technique through the side sections.

STEP FIVE: THE VERTICAL CURL Now working at the back, take a vertical sub section, hold 90° from the head, place the styler at the root at a 90° angle, rotate the styler and glide through to the ends, continuing upwards to the crown. For longer layers, guide the hair through the styler by holding the ends

STEP SIX: Apply ghd smooth and finish serum to the hair, pulling through the curls as it's applied to loosen the curl for a deconstructed finish.