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Learn how to create the hair from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with this simple step-by-step!


Firstly, apply VS Mousse from roots to ends of damp hair and work in until all the product has been distributed. 

Section the hair and blow dry using the ghd air™ professional performance hairdryer and a ghd round brush. The combination of the round brush and the hairdryer ensures that the signature volume and bounce is created right from the start.

The ghd air is twice as fast as other consumer hairdryers.  It has advanced ionic technology which helps to reduce frizz so you have shinier, smoother hair.


Starting at the nape of the neck, take a small section of hair, lightly mist it with VS hairspray and work through.

Place two fingers at the root of the hair and wrap the hair around, tucking in the ends to create a pin curl around the fingers.

Once the section has been wrapped, gently remove your fingers until you're left holding the coiled section of hair.

Close the ghd eclipse™ styler onto the pin curl, hold for about 5 seconds until the hair has been heated, then remove the styler and pin the curl to allow it to shape to set.

The ghd eclipse™ styler is the only styler to have three sensors on each plate, which means that the styler maintains a constant temperature. This means it delivers the best results possible, across all hair types.


Repeat this technique through the hair until every section has been set into a pin curl. Once the whole head has been curled, leave to cool down to allow the curls to set their shape.


Once cooled, gently release the curls from the pins - start unpinning from the nape of the neck and work upwards.

Because the ghd eclipse™ styler maintains the perfect styling temperature, it provides the greatest amount of shine!

Mist hair with VS Hairspray or VS Dry Shampoo and then use your hands, or a brush, to dress out the curls - beautiful!


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