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What are the terms and conditions of your promotions?

Unfortunately, we cannot advise you in advance of a reduced product or reimburse you the difference after you have placed an order.

How can I track my parcel?

You will receive your tracking number on your shipping confirmation email. You can track the item by clicking on the link provided on the delivery carrier website tracking service.  The details of your carrier will be provided in the shipping confirmation email.

An Item is missing from my order?

Sometimes we don't send everything you've ordered at the same time.  If your order has been sent separately then the delivery note will only state which items should be in that part of your order.

Please check the delivery notes from each part of your order to make sure you are not missing anything.

If something is missing then please get in touch with Customer Care.



My styler is constantly beeping and won't heat up, what should I do?

The symptoms described above are usually associated with a feature of the ghd IV stylers called "Shiver Mode". The purpose of this feature is to stop any kind of electrical failure due to a build up of condensation which can occur if a styler is left in a cold climate.  Specifically, if the internal temperature of the styler is below 8 degrees, it will not switch on and heat up normally. Typically, this feature is mistaken as a fault with styler. If you experience this you should complete the following steps:

• Make sure the styler is switched off and unplugged.
• Wrap your styler in a dry towel and place in a warm room. An airing cupboard is ideal if you have one, alternatively, you can place the wrapped styler close by a radiator (at least 6 inches away). *
• Leave the styler to warm back up to room temperature gradually - this make take anywhere from 20 - 90 minutes depending on start temperature.
• Remove towel and use styler as normal.

To prevent your styler going into Shiver Mode you should:
• Keep your styler in a warm room.
• Not leave your styler on cold surfaces. i.e. hardwood/tiled flooring, windowsills or in the boot of your car.
• Always aim to keep your styler well insulated, especially during the Winter months. A ghd carry bag should be sufficient.

* Note
NEVER apply direct heat to a styler i.e. holding it over a fire or cooker
NEVER place a styler directly onto a heated surface i.e. radiator or cooker

Do you offer a parts service for my styler?

We do not have an in house repair shop in the US.

Are temporary stylers available for loan while my own is being repaired?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a temporary styler whilst yours is under repair but we will make sure yours are returned as soon as possible.

How do I receive my refund?

Refunds will be made to the card used for the original transaction.

You will receive an updated email, as confirmation of your return. Please allow 3-5 working days for the amount to clear onto your card after refunding.

Have you received my returned goods?

As soon as your return has been processed by our warehouse, we'll email you to let you know.

In the unlikely event that you don't receive this email within 10 days of posting your parcel to us, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have returned your parcel using Recorded Delivery or another service that can be tracked, please give us the reference number when you contact us.



How do I look after the cord on my styler?

When your styler has cooled, fold the cord in the same way it was in the original packaging. Try to avoid winding it around your hand or the body of the styler, or hanging your styler by its cord. Please see our product care section for more information.

How do I clean my styler?

Ensure your styler is switched off and cold. Wipe your styler with a damp, clean cloth to remove any excess products.

How do I use my styler outside of North America?

The ghd IV, ghd Gold Professional and ghd eclipse stylers have universal voltage so that you can use your styler in any country without an adaptor.

Model 3 and 3.1b stylers only work in countries where 110V power supply is available. We recommend you check the voltage available in your destination before you travel.



How long is my styler guaranteed for?

As the manufacturer we offer the following warranty

* 12-month warranty with the 3 and 3.1b stylers, and
* 24 month warranty with the ghd IV stylers, ghd Gold Professional stylers and ghd eclipse styler

Within this period we will repair or replace the product for you at our discretion.

Are there any exclusions to the guarantee?

Yes, there are some exclusions to the warranty.


  • The warranty will not cover any fault caused through incorrect usage.
  • We are also unable to cover any fault caused by accidental damage.
  • The warranty is also void if any repair has been attempted by a third party.
  • We are also unable to honour any warranty where your  styler has been purchased from an unauthorised distributor; in this instance your consumer rights would lie with the point of sale.
How do I claim on my guarantee?

To claim on the guarantee you need to retain your original proof of purchase. In the unlikely event of any appliance proving to be faulty, please see our returns policy.



What is the difference between the ghd IV stylers than the ghd Gold Professional stylers?

As technology advances so does design, as a result the ghd Gold Professional stylers are designed to enhance the slide of the styler through the hair and promote, shine. The golden plates have been smoothed and contoured to deliver the ultimate professional finish.

What are the plates made of?

As with ghd IV stylers, the plates are made of aluminium which is used because it has powerful heat conducting properties – four times better than steel.  The aluminium is coated with a thin layer of an advanced ceramic coating, which helps the plates glide smoothly through the hair and leaves hair looking shiny.  The combination of the excellent heat properties of aluminium and the smoothing properties of the thin ceramic coating gives you the great styling results you expect from ghd.

How have you made the ghd Gold Professional stylers lighter?

We’ve made the ghd Gold Professional stylers more weight efficient.  By improving and modernising the design we’ve been able to reduce the amount of material used in its construction compared to a ghd IV stylers.  Stylists have told us that they can really feel the difference and that the new ghd Gold Professional stylers are easier to handle and to style with, especially when curling.

What is the heating technology in the ghd Gold Professional styler?

The ghd Gold Professional stylers continue to use ghd’s advanced ceramic heater technology, however we’ve redesigned some of the heater control systems to make sure that they’re performing at their best.  Stylists have told us they’ve been really impressed with the results they’ve achieved with the ghd Gold Professional stylers.

What is the operating temperature of the ghd Gold Professional stylers?

The ghd Gold Professional stylers are designed to operate at 347F - 365F.  At ghd, we have found that this is the optimal operating temperature for our advanced ceramic heater technology to create superior results whatever the hair type or style that you are looking to achieve.  Stylists have told us they’ve been really impressed with the results they’ve achieved with the ghd Gold Professional stylers.

Does my styler have a sleep mode?

Safety continues to be a priority at ghd.  For your safety and peace of mind there is a sleep mode feature on both the ghd IV stylers and ghd Gold Professional stylers.  After 30 minutes without being used, the heated plates will switch off.  When in sleep mode the light will flash and a warning beep will sound every two seconds.  Simply switch the styler off then on again to resume styling.

How quickly should my styler heat up?

The ghd Gold Professional stylers heat up fast, in less than 30 seconds (40 seconds for USA voltage) so that you don’t have to wait to start styling.   When it reaches temperature you will hear 3 consecutive bleeps and the logo on the switch will remain constantly lit to indicate it is ready for styling.

How long is the cord on the stylers?

The ghd Gold Professional stylers have a 9ft length power cord for optimal use and ease of connectivity in salons and at home.


ghd Eclipse™

How is ghd eclipse™ different?

ghd eclipse™ is the only styler with patented tri-zone™ technology. The new tri-zone™ technology in ghd eclipse™ guarantees the optimum styling temperature is constantly delivered to the hair during styling, giving quicker and longer-lasting results on all hair types.

ghd eclipse™ has new precision-finished plates, making them perfectly flat so they glide through even the thickest, frizziest hair for faster styling and exceptional shine. They are mid-pivoted which enables them to grip the hair better and allows for better heat transfer into the hair.

The outer case is much cooler than other stylers, even after prolonged use. This makes styling easier and helps the user achieve root-to-tip styling or enhanced volume.

It also has a faster heat-up time. It’s ready to style within 20 seconds of being switched on. Take a closer look.

What is the main benefit of ghd eclipse™?

It delivers superior styling results that last longer. It also styles faster and more easily, even on the most challenging hair types, all without styling at a higher temperature.

What does tri-zone™ technology do?

Tri-zone™ technology gives ghd eclipse™ three times the styling power of other stylers because it uses three ultra-sensitive sensors on each plate – most other stylers only have one. These sensors respond instantly to any fluctuation in temperature to guarantee the optimum styling temperature is used consistently during styling. Consistent heat makes styling easier and delivers ultimate results in just one stroke, even on the most challenging hair types.

To get the best result, all hair types need a styler set at 365°F – the optimum styling temperature for hair – but different hair types absorb different amounts of heat. While finer hair absorbs little heat from the plates, challenging hair types absorb much more, causing the plates to lose their temperature more quickly. Tri-zone™ technology recognises even the slightest loss of temperature anywhere on the plate and responds immediately, with the right amount of heat to bring the plate temperature back up to 365°F.

I thought styling with a higher heat would give a better style?

No. The optimum styling temperature for styler plates is 365°F. Maintaining this optimum temperature throughout styling is crucial to achieve a superior result. Tri-zone™ technology ensures consistent heat – the optimum styling temperature of 365°F – is delivered throughout styling.

Stylers set at higher temperatures than 365°F expose your hair to unnecessary heat and can be very damaging. Difficult, thick or frizzy hair does not need to be styled at a higher temperature; it just needs a styler that is advanced enough to maintain the optimum temperature of 365°F throughout styling.

Styling at temperatures above 365°F can make the hair too dry and strip the cuticle, leaving the hair so ‘thirsty’ that it quickly re-absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, making a style drop more quickly and making hair frizzier.  The key to achieving better style is maintaining a consistent moisture level within the hair which requires maintaining the optimum temperature throughout styling and styling in few strokes. 

Why does consistent heat matter?

Styling consistently with the optimum plate temperature (365°F) allows you to style in fewer strokes, which is better for the hair. It also helps retain moisture within the hair and seals the cuticle, leaving each strand with a shinier, smoother finish and relatively impermeable to humidity. This helps a style to last longer. 

Why is 365°F the optimum temperature for styling the hair?

Independent scientific research* on the effects of heating hair show that hair enters ‘the glass transition phase’ when heated. In this phase hair can be shaped (styled) and will retain its shape once it cools.

The temperature of the glass transition phase can vary according to environmental factors and the moisture content of the hair, but our ghd scientists have found through extensive research that 365°F is the optimum temperature for the styler to achieve the most styling benefit in the fewest strokes.

If you style at temperatures below 365°F it will often take many passes of the styler to achieve a good result and this is more drying to the hair than styling in one pass at 365°F. Styling at temperatures above 365°F exposes the hair to unnecessary heat. And, at temperatures above 419°F, the keratin protein in the hair starts to melt, causing irreversible damage.

* Sources: The Advanced Experimental Medical Biology Journal 1977 p.329-334; a study by Mitchell and Feughelman published in the Textile Research Journal 1967; Biopolymers p371, 81, 2006 and The Science of Hair Care 2nd Ed 2005

How can ghd eclipse™ react quickly enough to a fluctuation in plate temperature, it only takes a few seconds to run it through my hair?

Tri-zone™ technology uses ultra sensitive single stroke sensors which can detect even the slightest drop in plate temperature and respond instantly to adjust the heat, even as the styler is moving through the hair. 

Sometimes I like to turn the heat on my stylers down as I worry about subjecting it to too much heat. Why doesn’t ghd eclipse™ include adjustable heat?

ghd eclipse™ does not have adjustable heat settings because it is designed to style hair at the optimum styling temperature of 365oF. If a styler is too hot it can be permanently damaging; if it is set too low it will require several passes through the hair before it is styled. This is actually more damaging than styling in a single stroke at 365oF. 

What are precision plates?

ghd eclipse™ has new, improved plates compared to other ghd stylers. They are made using a new process that ensures they are perfectly flat, and then precision finished to give a flawless, smooth surface that will glide through even the frizziest hair.

The plates are also pivoted differently to the plates in other ghd stylers. The ghd eclipse™ plates are mid-pivoted which allows them to grip the hair better, making it less likely to fall out from between the plates during styling. The heaters are also slightly thinner, giving better heat transfer to the hair.

Why does ghd eclipse™ leave my hair feeling softer and smoother?

Healthy hair contains water. Styling at a too high temperature, or a low temperature that requires repeated passes through the hair, can cause the hair to become too dry. Once damaged, the cuticle lifts (or is removed) and creates a rough surface on the hair, giving it an overall dull appearance. Styling with ghd eclipse™ at the optimum temperature of 365oF helps retain the correct level of moisture in the hair as it can be styled in fewer strokes, leaving hair feeling softer and smoother. The ghd eclipse™ precision-smoothed plates also flatten the cuticle as they style, leaving hair looking shinier and healthier.

What is the cool touch body?

ghd eclipse™ uses a high-tech aerogel insulation (sourced from the aerospace industry) ingredient in the body of the styler. This keeps the outer case cool to the touch even after prolonged styling (45 minutes) to make styling easier and more comfortable. 

Can I use it when I travel?

Yes, ghd eclipse™ has universal voltage which means it can be used in any country.

Does ghd eclipse™ work on weaves, wigs and hairpieces?

Yes, ghd eclipse™ works on weaves, wigs and hairpieces, as long as they are made from human hair. 

Can you use keratin treatments with it?

Yes, we have tested a number of keratin treatments with ghd eclipse™ and have found it works better than the styler previously being used. 

Where will it be sold?

ghd eclipse™ can be purchased in selected salons, 3rd party retailers and



How do I remove the air filter on the back of my ghd air™ hairdryer?

The rear filter on your ghd air™ hairdryer cannot be removed. However, it is important that this area is kept clean, to ensure that your hairdryer operates at the optimum efficiency. In order to do this, unplug the hairdryer from the main power supply then take a soft brush and gently remove any dust or hair present on the filter.

Please do not use a steam cleaner or immerse the appliance in water. You should also refrain from using sharp or abrasive detergents or corrosive products, during the cleaning process.


My Account

What information will be stored?

Information stored in your account will be your home address, delivery address, your email address and your order history. You can access and amend your details at any time.

Will my personal information be saved securely?

Yes, your account is password protected and we also use the latest encryption software. For additional peace of mind, you can change your password as often as you wish.

Please note: If you amend your email address your Login ID remains unchanged. Please continue to login with your original email address. Future correspondence will however be sent to your new email address.

How do I change the details stored in My Account?

Simply login and click on the area that you wish to change and amend accordingly. Once you have finished, click update and always remember to logout so others cannot access your personal data.



Can you curl as well as straighten with the ghd Gold Professional stylers?

The ghd Gold Professional stylers are designed to enable creative styling – flicks, waves, curls or the perfect straight.  The ghd Gold Professional stylers have a round barrel for easy curling, and introducing a smooth movement swivel connector that makes the styler easy to manipulate during creative styling sessions.   Stylists have told us that the lighter weight of the ghd Gold Professional stylers has made curling easier than ever.

What styler is best for my hairtype?

ghd ½" Professional Mini Styler and ghd Gold Professional ½" styler - are ideal for shorter, textured styles or men's hair.

ghd 1" Professional Original Styler and ghd Gold Professional 1" styler - are suitable for mid length to long hair. Perfect for achieving straight, curls, flicks and waves.

ghd 2" Professional Salon Styler and ghd Gold Professional 2" styler - the wider plates are ideal for use on long, thick hair and ideal for styling large sections.

Can I use the ghd styler with Keratin treatments?

Because ghd’s are designed with advanced temperature control, many manufacturers have found that they are a very effective tool to use with Keratin treatments.   However, all Keratin treatments vary, and therefore we would recommend you consult your Keratin treatment supplier to understand what’s needed.


The Virtual Inventory Program

What is it?

This is a program that allows verified stylists to earn a commission on ghd flat irons, hair dryers or curlers they recommend. Stylists also have the opportunity to create a profile and showcase their work.

Who is it for?

Verified professional hair stylists and salon owners based in the USA and Canada.

How do you join?

Simply register as a stylist, complete your details and upon your first login, request verification. Once we've verified your details, we will send you an email confirming your verified status. Then simply link your PayPal account to your ghd profile to join the program.

How it works

To receive commissions on products you recommend, simply enter your client’s email into the 'Send a Code' form, which can be accessed via your account overview page. An email will automatically be sent to your client, which will include a unique code. When a client places an order they simply need to apply the code on the cart page when they shop, to receive a special offer. You will earn a commission on every verified sale (exclusive of taxes and shipping) of any products in an order using one of your generated codes. We will not pay commissions on refunded or cancelled orders. Commission will be paid directly into your linked PayPal account on a quarterly basis.

Please note that the level of compensation/commission and linked special offer may change without notice. 

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