Chop To Your Chin:
Choosing the right
short hairstyle for you

Take the chop this season and find the right short hairstyle for you.

Don’t be afraid when it comes to cutting off your tresses. Taking the leap to lop your locks to a shoulder-length style or shorter may seem a big step, but by choosing a look that suits you, your face shape and your hair it’s effortlessly easy.

To help you get the right short hairstyle for you, we’ve enlisted the help of ghd Global Ambassador Adam Reed and asked him for his insider hints and tips for chopping your hair to your chin. 

“Whenever the seasons start to change, there is always visible movement in people’s fashion and hairstyle choices. Hair becomes frazzled after the summer months due to over exposure to the sun, chlorine and other environmental factors so it is a great time to go for the chop! ”

ghd Global Ambassador, Adam Reed. 

Adam Reed, ghd Global Ambassador

Are short hairstyles the hottest new trend?

"Within the celebrity realm, and especially across red carpets for the 2017 awards season, we have seen a shift to shorter hair and new ways to wear the style. Whether they embrace a choppy pixie crop, go for a true blunt bob or are playing around with the new on-trend textured lob, there is a shorter style to suit all face shapes."

Do short hairstyles only suit certain faces?

"Our faces are individual and unique to us all. A face is made up of a combination of various lines and proportions. The key to perfect styling is being able to understand the relationship between the line and proportion of design in relation to a person’s head, face and body contours. Face shapes, profiles and nose shapes can all be balanced and bone structures enhanced."

Will short hairstyles work on my hair type?

"The great thing about short hair is its versatility – it works on any hair type! You can glam up your look when the occasion calls, or dress it down for day to day wear."

How short should I go on my first cut?

"If you are looking to embrace a short style, ensure you start with a longer bob. This way you can adjust the look and go shorter as you become more confident."

Can you build texture in short hair?

"Shorter hair doesn’t have to mean flat hair! Texture always looks good on short hair so be sure to embrace texture and movement with and personalise your look. Add softness or beachy waves and tuck hair behind your ears for a narrower, flattering silhouette."

What's your one top tip for chopping your locks short?

"Don’t be scared of short hair – it can suit everyone is just about the way they style it!"

Which short hairstyles will suit my face shape?

"Your face shape is a key factor to determine which style of shorter hair you should go for! Done correctly, it will do wonders for your bone structure and a longer style is often a gateway to go even shorter with your look."

Diamond face: forehead and jawline are narrow, and cheekbones are wide and high.

o   A diamond is an oval with angles.

o   Almost any style will work but softer, draping fringes and gentle sweeping locks work best for this shape.

o   Add fullness and texture at the forehead and jawline areas to flatter the face shape.

o   Avoid fullness only at cheekbone area.

Square face

o   Suits softness and added texture. 

o   Perfect for asymmetrical shapes. 

o   A side parting is ideal. 

Oval face: will suit all short hairstyles!

o   Avoid heavy straight fringes and centre partings that make the forehead seem wider. 

Round face: when styling shorter hair on a more circular face shape, it is important to add height on the top of the head. Tuck your hair behind your ears to create a different type of silhouette and elongate the face. The key is to make your face shape look oval, so add texture at the sides and running through the front of the hair.

o   Height at crown creates an illusion of length.

o   Centre partings are to be avoided.

o   Shorter, slightly wider styles makes a round face look more youthful than any other face shape.

Oblong face: often confused with oval, an oblong face is slightly longer and not so wide

o   Try to widen the hair to make it appear less long.

o   Essential to keep the cheekbones clear and visible.

o   Styles with width are best suited.  

Heart-shaped face: Add shape around the face to even the sides.

o   Can play with different fringes.

o   Chin length hair works well.

o   Avoid severe slicked back looks.

o   Never do updos.




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