ghd contour®: Q&A

With the release of our latest limited edition styler, find out how to truly maximise the potential of the new ghd contour® with this Q&A. 

Q: How long should I hold the ghd contour® down on the hair for?

A: For a defined result, hold the ghd contour® down on your hair from 4-8 seconds. Holding for a minimum of 4 seconds will create a clearly defined crimp result; the longer you hold down for the more definition of the crimp. We recommend holding the contour down for a maximum of 8 seconds.

Q: What is the recommended sized section of hair to use?

A: Choosing a thin/medium section size, no longer than your index finger (approx. 4cm), is perfect for crimping. However it is dependent on the style you are creating, so remember to adjust the section:

·         Smaller thin pieces of hair for a feathering effect,
·         Larger sections for a more statement look and volume at the root.

Q: How do I create volume using the ghd contour®?

A: For root lift at the top:

·        Section the hair about half way down the head, or where you wish to add volume, take a thin layer and crimp at the root of the section, then repeat all around the head.

·       Repeat the same steps on the sections above until you meet the crown of the head. Take the last section down to cover.

This should leave the roots of your hair feeling expanded and voluminous! For extra volume, back comb over crimped roots using ghd narrow dressing brush.

Q: What wetline should I use with the ghd contour®?  

A: We would always recommend you use ghd heat protect spray before using ghd contour®.

·         Voluminous looks - you could also prepare the hair with ghd total volume foam or ghd root lift.

·         Textured look – ghd root lift spray is the perfect base to wok from.

Q: Can I brush my hair after using the ghd contour®? 

A: It depends on the look you are trying to create:

·         Defined crimp - do not brush out.

·         Diffused crimp - brush out (recommended with ghd paddle brush, ghd tail comb or ghd oval dressing brush).

·         Volume – for extra volume back comb over the crimped section with ghd narrow dressing brush.

Q: Do I need to worry about damaging my hair as I am holding down vs gliding with a styler?

A: No, the ghd contour® is safe on hair, as it uses the optimum styling temperature of 185⁰C. A result is created within 4 seconds so hold down time on hair is minimal.

Q: Is the ghd contour® safe to use on afro hair?           

A: Yes, the ghd contour® is safe to use on afro hair. It can be used in two ways:

1) Straighten first using ghd platinum® styler and then crimp with ghd contour®

2) Crimp straight away

Extra tip! Use ghd tail comb to stretch and keep tension on hair while straightening and crimping.

Q: Is it safe to use the ghd contour® on coloured hair?           

A: Yes ghd contour is safe to use on dyed, bleached and chemically treated hair.



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