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Guide to the season workshop

As part of the fashion zone, this course will give you an insight into the fascinating world of fashion. You'll learn how catwalk influences can be used to take your cutting and dressing skills to the next level!

Educator: Leighanne Regan

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Format: Workshop

Take an opportunity to work with ghd art team member Leighanne Regan straight after London Fashion Week and be the first to see the upcoming trends, fresh from the runway. Tap into Leighanne's inside knowledge of London Fashion Week and discover how her backstage experiences have chanegd the way she works in the salon. 

Learn how to draw on inspiration from culture, magazines and architecture and use the references to shape your stying. 'Inspiration for me is not always directly linked to hair,' says Leighanne. 'I'm inspired by anything that makes me think differently.' Understand how to treat hair as a fabric and learn new ways of creating textures using technique and product - both essential to a session stylist's work. 

You'll leave the seminar inspired and full of ideas for the new season.

Registration: 10.00am

Start: 10.30am

Finish: 4.30pm

Provided: Notebook, certificate, refreshments, equipment & dolly head for practical use

Bring: Your own model if you wish at 12.30pm

Cost: £135 + VAT Partnership programme discount applicable to ghd salons

Location & Date: ghd London Studio, Monday 13 October

To make a booking please email or call 0845 3301133. Alternatively for more information contact your ghd account manager or creative educator.


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