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The All Nighter

When the sun starts to set on the party isle, it's time to go big or go home. Rock the all-nighter for a look with serious punch, soft blown out, bouncy curls and a loose top knot.

On a hot summer’s evening, you want nothing more than to keep your long tresses out of your face – that’s where the All Nighter hair updo comes in. This chic updo hairstyle knows no limits, pairing curls and a top knot together in one. Wear it to a romantic beachside meal or a night out in the clubs and it won’t look out of place. 

This updo hairstyle packs a whole lot of style into one look. Channel your inner-beach babe with bouncy curly hair, then get the bulk of it up and away from your face with an uber-cool top knot.

Get your own blown-out updo hairstyle this summer with the All Nighter. Follow the ghd step-by-step guide for the ultimate holiday updo.

Here’s how to create a top knot with bouncy curls

1. Blow-dry hair

2. Twist wrap hair around ghd curve ® soft curl tong

3. Create a halo section using index finger

4. Tease top of hair

5. Secure bun and spritz with ghd final fix hairspray


step one: Blow-dry hair

Blow-dry hair away from the face using ghd aura® hairdryer ensuring the hair is smooth and sleek around the face.

step two: Twist wrap hair around soft curl tong

With the ghd curve ® soft curl tong, create movement in the hair using a twist wrap technique.

step three: Create a halo section using index finger

Using your index fingers, separate a halo section of hair with a soft parting.

step four: Tease top of hair and create bun

Tease the top section of hair and wrap it into a bun.

TIP: Using large accentuated movements will create a softer, more natural looking bun

step five: Secure bun and spritz with hairspray

Using hair pins, secure the bun in place then spray the hair with ghd final fix hairspray for long-lasting style.

You will need

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