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how to choose the right fringe for you

ghd Creative Educator, Lorna Moore gives us the lowdown on choosing the perfect fringe. You'll never need to hide under your hat again!


BEST SUITED TO: This style suits most face shapes, however it is particularly flattering to those with squarer features.


BEST TO AVOID IF: You have a long face or a stronger nose shape as the centre parting will draw attention to these features.


STYLE POINTS: This is a great look if you want to grow your fringe out with style! As it grows out, the longer bangs will also accentuate cheekbones and lips.


BEST SUITED TO: This show-stopping and striking fringe makes a statement and is best suited to those with petite, heart shaped faces.


BEST TO AVOID IF: You have a long face shape as it will elongate your features. And, if you have a round face, it will also make it look wider. This fringe length will also be difficult to style if you have a cow lick.


STYLE POINTS: A micro-mini fringe is a great way to make a statement with your hair. Gives attitude, impact and is seen as being bold and fashion forward.


BEST SUITED TO: Oval face shapes and thicker hair textures. The lash-tickling length makes it easy to style.


BEST TO AVOID IF: You have a rectangular face shape as it can make features look boxed-in and heavy.


STYLE POINTS: By keeping the sides of the fringe slightly longer and curved, it'll slim down a wide forehead as well as hiding signs of ageing and ungroomed brows!


BEST SUITED TO: This easy-to-wear style suits nearly every face shapes but works especially well on round and oval faces.


BEST TO AVOID IF: This is the style that suits everyone! The trick is to ensure you get it cut to a length that flatters your face shape and hair type.


STYLE POINTS: This is a great option if you have a dastardly cow lick as the shape disguises it. It can also flatter rounder face shapes and soften those with square and angular features!


See a professional -  DO NOT D.I.Y!

Put the scissors down! See a professional and you'll reap the benefits of a good haircut, which in turn, will make styling easier. It's important that you're honest with your stylist too. If you're a no-muss, no-fuss kind of girl, a high maintenance fringe is not for you!

Blow-dry into shape with a hairdryer

Blow-drying your fringe into shape makes it easier to style and will help set your look into place for the day, especially if you have unruly hair or a cow lick. Blast-dry your fringe and use your fingers to distribute the air evenly through your hair. Then, just before it dries completely, use a brush to smooth it through - this will control any pesky flyaways.

Use the right product

Product is  important to maintain and support your fringe throughout the day but avoid applying too much as this can make it separate and appear greasy. Try ghd Style Root Lift Spray all over the fringe section before blow-drying to give invisible control to the hair without weighing it down.


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