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Model's before walking the catwalk.

#ghdfashionweek: Moschino AW19

Join ghd behind the scenes at Milan Fashion Week and take a look at Moschino's AW19 collection, with hair styled by Jimmy Paul.

Jimmy Paul and the ghd team created hairstyles inspired by the MOSCHINO GAME SHOW by Jeremy Scott where no one leaves empty-handed. It’s an unabashedly joyful exercise in super-camp fun, it's a bold, technicolor escape from reality that you look forward to at the end of the day. “There’s a reason that game shows are beloved by millions of people around the globe, with as much variety as there are people”.

From cleaning materials to breakfast cereals - with artisan-applied panels and stripes of sequin and crystal – these dresses are designed to make you feel like you’ve won life’s jackpot. Then there are the fabulously cut and draped silk jersey dresses in bold color that come heaped with jeweled necklaces and jeweled cut-out panels - finery fit for daytime TV or a night extravaganza.

Model close up.
Model close up.

"I am so happy I can work with Moschino and Jeremy Scott here at Milano fashion week for the first time: this show let me and my team really get our creative juices flowing and create unique and unforgettable hair looks".

"Three words to describe the hairstyles of this show: funny, sexy, humoristic" says Jimmy Paul, assisted by the ghd team for the creation of the looks. The hairstyles are inspired by the Game Shows of the 80s and interpreted with big wigs - humoristic and feminine at the same time - with a retro feeling. "Big and sexy hair" says Jimmy "became a sort of signature look for me."

Model on the catwalk.
Close up of model's hair.
Model close up on the catwalk.

Get the Look:

ghd air® was crucial for the creation of the looks, to give volume and make hair shiny by closing cuticles". This ergonomic and light hairdryer was used to add volume to the looks and to set the waves thanks to the cool shot button.

First, the wigs have been cut and then dried with ghd air® together with ghd ceramic brush to add volume and movement to the final look.

Then, wigs were teased ghd narrow dressing brush and brushed with the ghd oval dressing brush to smooth hair.

To finish the look, Jimmy used the ghd final fix spray: "we used tons of this hairspray to freeze the looks and make the hair hard and very shiny" says Jimmy, "it’s a great product because it’s very flexible and it can be used just to fix the hairstyle or to make it more". To fix the hairspray, they used the ghd air® hairdryer to freeze the look.

Before applying wigs, the hairstylists prepared the models by creating sectioned braids to ensure wigs could easily fit and been fixed to the head.

The final results is an incredible and extravagant look, perfectly aligned with Jeremy Scott’s creations.


Model has hair styled by the team.
Model on the catwalk.
Model close up.
Wig is fitted to model's head.
Model's hair styled with braids to fit under the wig.
Model close up.
ghd air® is used to style wigs.
ghd final fix spray used to style the hair.
Close up of model.

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