Barbara Michelini

Barbara Michelini, ITALY


Tell us a little bit about your story?
After two births and two years of breastfeeding, I felt a “little lump” in my right breast. I had not yet completed 34 years and now diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to self-check I did not do chemotherapy, nor radiotherapy, but only hormone therapy.

Tell us about the moment you first noticed a symptom of breast cancer?
I received the diagnosis that that no one ever wants to receive. When the doctors told me, it was as if life had stopped. I had a thousand questions about my future, my children and people that I love.

Did you ever think that breast cancer could affect you? If not, why?
I never thought it could happen to me, I felt strong, healthy and full of life.

How did the experience/treatment affect your relationship with yourself? With others?
This experience led me to see life, people and the world around me with different eyes. I realised that I am important and now the priority is me! Now I enjoy every moment and breath, while only surrounding myself with people I love and who love me.

What’s the one thing you would say to young women out there who are not checking their breasts regularly?
I would like to tell all young women not to be afraid to do regular checkups, but also to do more. Thanks to self-checking, I didn’t need to have invasive treatments such as chemotherapy. Don’t be afraid, take some time for yourself, your life is more important.


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