Braided Summer Hairstyles

Don’t let your locks faint in the heat and be prepared to look hot, hot, hot with these braided summer hairstyles.

It’s holiday season which means it’s time to relax, but you still want to look your best while lounging around the pool or on soaking up the rays on the beach. Where better to start than with your hairstyle?

Keep it cool with braids this season; a holiday hairstyle you can accessorise to your heart’s content with rings, flowers, or even a scarf. No need to tie your hair back into the usual ponytail this year; keeping hair off your face has never looked more chic.

Go from poolside straight through to late night drinks with some inspiration from ghd and rock beautiful braids all summer long.

Double Dutch Braids

Image: @joloveshair

Double Dutch Braids

These double dutch braids are perfect for summer. Keeping hair back and out of your eyes; this summer hairstyle will become a firm favourite for your holiday. Sitting low at the nape of the neck, pair this hairstyle with a big floppy beach hat for ultimate beach chic.

Crown Braid

Keep hair up and off your shoulders for those warmer climates with a chunky crown braid. Leave some tendrils loose at the front and accessorise with a sparkly hairband or hair clips to take this summer hairstyle into the night.

TIP: Use the ghd curve® soft curl tong to add some texture to the loose sections at the front of the hair.

Floral braids

Image: @nataliaissa

Floral Braids

See in the evening with curls, twists and an accent fishtail braid. Adding flowers really bring this braided style to life with a splash of colour. Use the ghd curve® classic curl tong for deep curls throughout the hair and add a fishtail plait for a real statement style.


Image: @ghdhair

Braided Unicorn Top Knot

Add some pizazz to your locks with the braided unicorn top knot. Section the top of your hair and plait into a unicorn braid, finishing with a knot at the back of your head. Complete this look with some glitter along each parting for the ultimate party hairstyle.

TIP: Create texture through the lengths with the ghd gold® styler, twisting the hair in alternate directions for an undone finish.

Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid

Image: @joloveshair

Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid

A beautiful ethereal style, taking the hair out of your face for a fuss-free finish. Gather hair from the sides of your head, twisting tresses to the backand into a fishtail braid. Leave some hair loose and wavy for an added boho look, perfect for rocking on the beachfront.

TIP: Blow dry ghd curl hold spray into damp hair for long lasting textured waves.

Scarf Braid

Channel your inner Stevie Nicks and accessorise a chunky plait with a colourful headscarf. Tie the scarf at the nape of your neck, underneath the hair, before styling, then weave it through the braid, tying the scarf at the end to secure. This look is a great thick hairstyle and perfect for longer locks. Pair with oversized sunglasses for a modern take on a 70s look.

Mini Statement Braid

Summer hair is the perfect time to experiment and hair rings are so on trend this season. Add mini braids to flowing locks on either side of your head and incorporate small trinkets for a beautiful boho summer look. This style is perfect for micro braids or on a quick and easy rope braid hairstyle. Hair should be carefree and full of texture.

TIP: Use ghd total volume foam before blow drying, to create beachy, lived-in hair.

Braided Space Buns

Image: @ghdhair

Braided Space Buns

Perfect for a summer of partying, these braided space buns will keep hair up while looking cool. Braid hair from the nape of the neck upwards and finish by twisting into buns on either side of your head, setting the style with ghd final fix hairspray.

Braided hairstyles will get you ready for a summer of fun in the sun. Use these looks as inspiration and you will never see your hair fall flat. No matter what your skillset, there’s a hair braid tutorial to suit you and your hair type.


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