The best short hairstyles
for round faces

Embrace your face shape with complementary ways to style your locks. Find the best fit with our guide to short hairstyles for round faces. 

Flatter the shape of your face and your style is guaranteed to look gorgeous. Shorter tresses and a round face are a killer combo – make sure you play to their strengths so your features always shine.

There are endless short hairstyle opportunities for round faces. Go romantic with soft waves, feisty with a faux fringe or edgy with a gravity defying half-ponytail.

It’s time to embrace your face shape and tailor your hair length to suit your look, with our collection of short hairstyles for round faces. 

Sleek and straight

There’s nothing cooler than effortless straight locks - especially when they accentuate your face shape. Choose a centre parting to allow flowing hair to slim your face. Suitable for a girl’s night out or a sharp office look, sleek and straight tresses work, whatever the occasion.

Tip: Keep this style locked in with ghd straight and smooth spray. Apply to damp hair before blow-drying.

Soft Waves

Beautiful siren waves are straight out of the Hollywood style file. This soft look can help elongate the face, especially when volume is created lower down in your locks.

Tip: Brush through your waves with a ghd paddle brush to create a fuller effect. 

Tousled Waves

Image: @ligia_lascus

Tousled waves 

Wave and tousle your tresses for a fuss-free laidback look. A wavy hairstyle helps balance out a round face and can make the neck seem longer. The key is to create volume in the lower sections of your hair, starting waves midway down.

Tip: Play with your hair once it’s waved, tousling it with your fingers to create that perfectly undone look.

Braided headband

Use a fashion-forward braided headband to give your hair extra height. Add even more dimension by making it textured and loosening strands at the front.

Tip: Pair your braided headband with beautiful curls, styled with the ghd curve® classic curl tong

Curly Mohawk

Image: ghd

Textured pixie 


Exude romance with a softly teased pixie cut. Tousled texture really contrasts with this type of face shape and beautifully accentuates the cheekbones. Edgy and feminine, work this bold look with a pair of statement earrings for extra impact.

Tip: Apply ghd total volume foam to damp hair before blow-drying, then use your fingers to gently build up extra shape. 

Double Dutch braids 

Go Dutch with your braids to create a seriously hot updo. For round-faced ladies, this double braided look can provide extra dimension. Plus, lengthy locks aren’t required to fashion a weaved style. Simply part your hair down the middle and create two chunky plaits using a Dutch braiding technique, finishing at the nape of your neck.

Floral Headband

Image: @ghdspain


The headband is perfect for those blessed with a round face. Get lost in a world of luxe embellishments, choosing from floral, vintage and glittery options. Pair your chosen headband with a voluminous bouffant - adding height at the back of your head can help balance out your face shape.

Tip: Use the ghd tail comb to gently tease hair on your crown, working from the ends upwards. 

High Half Pony

Image: @ghdhair

High half-ponytail

Show off your fashion credentials with an edgy half ponytail. To best suit your face shape, pull that ponytail high to create an illusion of a slimmer and longer face. Combine with gentle curls or relaxed waves to soften the look.

Tip: Wrap and secure a small length of your hair around the base of your ponytail for the ultimate finishing touch.

Be bold and make the most of your features. Take inspiration from these short hairstyles for round faces and flaunt them with confidence. 


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