Head-turning braided updos

Take your locks from basic to beautiful with these seriously chic braided updos.

Define beautiful with a braided updo. Piled high on your crown or cascading down your back, plaits can transform your look.

Embrace the versatility of intertwined locks - bold or romantic, flirty or cool, you can transform your tresses to match your mood with the help of the ghd styling collection.

Amp up your styling game and sharpen your plaiting skills with these braided updos.


Achieve ethereal charm when you style your hair into a halo braid. Relaxed, loose tendrils and intricate plaits work in perfect harmony to create this heavenly braided updo. Don’t be afraid to encourage a few natural flyaways around your face to turn up the romance in the style.

Image: @viola_pyak


Trade in your trusty pony for this gorgeous braided updo and create head-turning results. For a street style you can rock every day, blend chunky statement braids and intricate plaits. Experiment with your braids and mix up the texture in your locks to really pack a powerful style punch.

Tip: Straighten your locks before you style with the ghd platinum+ styler to create a poker straight ponytail that’ll complement your braids.


Be the star of the show at your next party with this elegant multi-braided updo. Change up the tempo by blending fishtail plaits and Dutch braids into one intertwining statement style that’s guaranteed to grab attention. Complete the look with a generous mist of ghd final fix hairspray to keep every hair in place.

Tip: Create body in your tresses to help form this bold style by prepping locks with ghd total volume foam.


Give a pair of classic pigtails a modern overhaul by styling your tresses into double braided pigtails. Chunky Dutch plaits work wonders on this style, creating a braided updo with a relaxed twist. Gently wave the ends of your pigtails with the ghd curve® classic wave wand to add another element of boho to your look.

Tip: Before you style your hair, work ghd curl hold spray into your ends to help lock your waves in place.


Master modern street style when you opt for a double braided bun. French plaits and double buns are a match made in heaven, helping you create a braided updo that screams edgy. Weave your locks into the buns for an intricate looking, layered look.


Assert your styling prowess with a chunky plaited pony. Volume is your friend with this style, so don’t be afraid to go big. Use large sections of hair as your braid to create a look that would fill Rapunzel with envy. Perfect for special occasions or if you feel like rocking a new look at work, this braided updo is a must for those with long, thick hair.

Tip: Prep damp locks with ghd total volume foam and backcomb dry hair before styling to achieve extra body.


Enhance your faithful bun with a touch of something special by adding in a sweeping braid. A loose plait running from your hairline to the crown of your head will put a fabulous twist on the style and create texture to your locks. Pair with a few free-flowing tendrils to finish off this effortless look.

Tip: For natural looking flyaways that’ll frame your face, gently tug at strands around your hairline to loosen them.  


Exude elegance with a sleek twisted braided updo. Combining statement braids with a tucked twist will create a look worthy of any special occasion. Pair the updo with a delicate adornment to complete the style.

Tip: For added eye-catching lustre, mist the finished style with ghd final shine spray.


Perfect street style with the help of an edgy upside down braided bun. This contemporary look has well and truly earned its place in the modern hairstyle hall of fame and is a must-try look for the fashion-forward. Weave three tight plaits at the back of your head and take your braid game up a notch.

Tip: Embellish this style by lacing cool adornments into your tresses as you braid.


Combine elegant twists with delicate braids to create a gorgeous intertwined bun. This braided updo packs in the romance for a look you can wear for a day in the office or a glittering evening do. Leave out a few delicate wisps to frame your face and create a dreamy, ethereal look.

Push the boundaries of your swept up style when you explore these gorgeous braided updos. Whether you’re looking for a cool new look, an elegant show-stopper or want to put your braiding skills to the test, we’ve got all the inspiration you need right here.



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