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Festival Hairstyles:
Coachella Day 1

Get inspiration for your festival hairstyles with ghd Ambassador Zoe Irwin’s boho look for Millie Mackintosh at Coachella 2016.

Take your festival hair to the next level this summer by partnering wavy hair with an embellished twist. Simple yet effective, adding festival hair accessories will bring a unique touch to your style and give you that free-spirited festival hair you crave.

For day one at Coachella 2016, Millie Mackintosh rocked a natural looking, boho vibe with intricate twisted metallic detail for her festival hair look. Here, Zoe Irwin, takes us through the steps on exactly how she created this look:

Here’s how to create a boho wavy hairstyle

1. Spray hair with root lift spray

2. Add moisture from mid-lengths to end with smooth and finish serum

3. Blow look out with hairdryer

4. Create natural curls

5. Twist sides back

6. Tie twisted ends together at back of head 

1. Spray hair with root lift spray

Prepare the hair using the ghd root lift spray to create volume and texture.  Use this all over the hair to ensure the movement holds throughout the day.

2. Add moisture from mid-lengths to end with smooth and finish serum

Follow with the ghd smooth and finish serum on mid lengths and ends to add moisture and long lasting shine!

3. Blow look out with hairdryer

Use the ghd air® hairdryer to blow out the look, twisting sections as you go for extra movement and intricate textures.

4. Create natural curls

Next, work the ghd platinum® styler through the hair, to create a natural and effortless looking drop down curl.

5. Twist sides back

Twist back the sides, starting at the temple and moving towards the back of your festival hair. Don’t be too precise with this motion.

6. Tie twisted ends together at back of head

Lastly, tie metallic thread around the area where the twist meets the back of the hair and criss-cross through the ends, pulling the hair out from the inside for added texture.



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