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Adorned Night Out Braid

Make your braid hairstyle sparkle with an easy-yet-effective adorned festival look.

For your next night out, achieve adornment perfection with a chic braided updo with a difference. Don’t lose sleep over your party hairstyle – partnering a simple fishtail braid with a heap of accessories will give you an enviable hair updo that will rule the dancefloor. All you need to keep this party hair look in place all night is a few pins and a misting of ghd final fix hairspray to finish your styling off.

Make the adorned night out braid your go-to look, whether you’re looking for a long-lasting party hairstyle or a quick sassy fix.

Here’s how to create an adorned night out braid

1. Section hair into 3 low ponytails

2. Pinch above ponytail to loosen

3. Fishtail braid the 3 low ponytails individually

4. Separate and fatten braids

5. Individually pin each braid up to the nape

6. Embellish with clips

7. Spritz with fix hairspray

step one: Section hair into 3 low ponytails

To start, section the hair into three equal sections then using a hair tie, create three low hanging ponytails – tie the ponytails around the same level as your neck.

step two: Pinch above ponytail to loosen

To add more volume and texture, loosen the ponytail by gently pinching the hair above the hair tie

step three: Fishtail braid the 3 low ponytails individually

Taking one low ponytail at a time, plait the hair to create three separate fishtail braids.

step four: Separate and fatten braids

To make the braids more full, gently loosen each braid by separating the strands of hair and fattening the plait out.

step five: Individually pin each braid up to the nape

To create an updo, take each braids and pin them individually at the nape of your neck.

step six: Embellish with clips

Once pinned, add sparkling adornments to the hair to personalise your look.

step seven: Spritz with fix hairspray

Finish your night out updo with a generous spray of ghd final fix hairspray to keep your look locked in, for your night out up-do.

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