Festival Hairstyles:
Suede Braid

Get creative at your next festival with a braid hairstyle that’ll be the envy of the campsite.

Channel your inner festival goddess and add a pop of colour to your style with this suede braid hairstyle tutorial created by ghd brand ambassador Zoe Irwin on the beautiful Zara Martin for the Coachella festival. Take a look at the steps below to recreate this easy braid look:

Here’s how to create a suede braid 

step one: Prep hair with ghd root lift spray to add texture and grip to the hair.

step two: Loosely section the top of the hair and gently pull away from the face, loosely pin together at the back, this doesn't need to be neatly done, it should look undone and a bit messy.

step three: After pinning the hair together take a section of hair from underneath and split into two to create the two braids.

step four: In the first section of hair, tie three pieces of coloured suede into the top underneath the pins and braid this into the hair. Do the same to create the other braid, using some different coloured suede.

step five: Tie each braid at the end with a hair band that matches the hair colour. Then pull the braided hair apart loosely, pulling out some of the suede so that's visible at the front of the braid.

step six: Cut the suede at the end, letting it hang lower than the hair.

step seven: Finally pass the ghd platinum® styler over the rest of the hair to add shine and a smooth finish to your festival hair.



what we used:


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