Spiral-maned beauties are taking over the fashion world. If you’ve been blessed with natural ringlets, flaunt them with these hairstyles for curly hair. 

An unmistakable sense of curl power is sweeping the catwalks. Born-with-it spirals are making waves, with raw textures and scrunched-up curls being flaunted by models, front row regulars and street-style icons alike.

Glossy corkscrews, buoyant afros and crinkled waves - curly hairstyles have that next-level volume to inspire all kinds of shapes, looks and textures. Play with new styles, create your own signature spirals and above all treat them well with this guide to beautiful curls.  

Tips for curly hairstyles

1. Use a wide-toothed comb

Brushes can damage your curly mane, so preserve your natural bounty of waves with a ghd detangling comb. Hold each section of your wavy strands as you comb to maintain healthy hair. The detangling comb is also ideal for working in mousse when your hair is damp

2. Seal in moisture with curl-defining serum

Keep your ringlets smooth and bouncy with ghd smooth and finish serum – the lightweight formula is ideal for bringing out the best in thick curly hair. Simply work through your mid-lengths and ends while damp and blow-dry before styling. 

3. Reduce frizz when you blow-dry 

While air-drying curls can reduce flyaways, it can take longer to completely dry curly hair this way. For softer spirals, blow-dry hair using the ghd air professional hairdryer. With a powerful AC motor and advanced ionic technology, it dries curled hair two times faster* and creates a silkier finish

4. Reduce split ends with a little TLC

Strengthen, restore and protect your curly tresses by applying ghd advanced split end therapy to hair while damp. Comb through and blow-dry on a low to medium heat setting for a sleek finish.     

5. Style while you sleep

You can keep your curls defined while getting your beauty sleep. Simply section your hair into a few small bunches before bed - tie cloth hair bands around each bunch close to the roots, another at the mid-lengths and another at the ends. Cover your head with a silk or satin scarf to maintain moisture, so you can step out of bed with glossy, springy locks. 

Hairstyles for curly hair

Once you’ve found the right products, the most basic styles look captivatingly intricate on spiralled hair. Tame thick locks or accentuate your kinked tresses by trying out these fierce curly hair styles. 

Curly half updo

Half up, half down, full volume. Sweep the top part of your hair into this tousled knot to keep thick locks out of your face, emphasising your ultra-luxe spirals on the bottom. Leave flowing tendrils to frame your face for an undone look and pair with a bold lip for red carpet glam.  

Best product: Spritz your ringlets with ghd curl hold spray before styling to keep curls defined.

Messy topknot

With all those magnificent curls, you’re going to have the best topknot in the world. Create a chunky bun by sweeping all your locks to the crown of your head and securing with a hair tie. Play with texture and embrace the messiness for a laid-back look.  

Best product: Sweep up your wavy hair with a ghd oval brush. Don’t brush out every imperfection - hairstyles for curly hair look perfect with a fuss-free finish. Lightly mist with ghd final fix hairspray to keep your tresses in place. 

Glossy ringlets

You don’t need hours in the salon to flaunt big, springy curls – they’re yours to own already. Play to your hair’s volume with a full head of polished ringlets, whatever your length. Create a crown of glossed curls or go all-out beach babe with lustrous ripples that look like you’ve just stepped out of the ocean.  

Best product: Shine bright and reduce static by misting your locks with ghd final shine spray. This delicately scented spray adds light definition to curls and waves – spray onto your brush then work through hair for covetable gloss.

Instagram: @sassoonwashingtondc

Instagram: @thehairdue 

Curly space buns

Twice the impact of a single bun and triple the volume. Let these oversized twin twists inspire a legion of playful selfies. Style them lower for a modern take on the look or pair with double French braids for street-style power. Soft, fuzzy tendrils add a luscious dose of femininity to this bold trend. 

Best product: Make sure your coiled tresses are easy to smooth down by working ghd straight & tame cream into damp hair before blow-drying.

Your ringlets are part of your personality – showcase them with curly hairstyles that express your unique style. Tame unruly locks or let your mane roar with the ghd range of hair products and brushes, creating looks that are defined by you, not everyone else. 

*Vs. regular consumer hairdryer with a DC motor.



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