ghd x Coachella 2019:
ghd creative artist festival hair trends

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2019


Embellishments and Braided Buns
Lucy Connell with Waves and Chains
Marta Carriedo with Waves and Hair Rings

Whether adorned and plaited into a braid or added throughout the hair to jazz up a pony, hair chains were rife at Coachella 2019. Inspired by Balmain and Christina Siriano AW19 fashion week shows, the looks stood out from the Chella crowd. Similar to trends that have been seen on the catwalks, for Coachella it was all about embracing the natural texture of each girl’s hair, maintaining movement using the the ghd festival collection and adding adornment, beads, chains and rings as the finishing touch.

Top tip for using KELA chains: make sure you style your hair before adding accessories. I recommend creating loose waves with the ghd platinum+ festival collection styler and then dressing the hair with accessories once the waves have cooled and set.

In homage to Ariana Grande, hair rings were also a huge trend at Coachella with a variety of styles shown across the weekend being adorned with metallic rings. Whether they were delicate and intricate rings which were woven into braids, added along partings or worked into the centre piece of the style to grab attention, hair rings were a huge trend this year.

As seen on: Lucy & Lydia Connell, Ashley Tisdale, Marta Carriedo

RAINBOW HUES - Patrick Wilson

Adding colour to your hair look is a simple but really great way to mix up your look over the festival season. Whether adding coloured hair extensions, braiding ribbon or thread into the hair or using chalk spray as a quick fix, colour is a super cute way to festival-lise your look. Key colour hues spotted across the festival included a mix of shocking blue, ultra violet, neon green and hot pink.

As seen on: Jasmine Sanders, Cardi B, Winnie Harlow, Beatrice Aidin, Pixie Lott


Blonde Waves
Street Style Waves
Maya Jama Waves

Effortless, loose waves were a popular trend at iconic festival Coachella this year. Soft waves that fell around the face and over the shoulders for a carefree and effortless appearance dominated the crowds. Break the mould and forget about pristine perfection - let effortless styling be your staple this festival season. Keep your look relaxed with loose tousled waves that epitomise the coveted carefree festival style. It’s all about hair you can shake out and muss up to create your desired look.

1. Starting at the nape of the head, take a small horizontal section and place the ghd platinum+ festival styler facing downwards at the root.

2. Close the plates and rotate half a turn towards the back of the head and glide the styler through the hair.

3. Repeat the technique through the head, alternating the direction of the curl by rotating the styler in the opposite direction each time for a more un-done look.

4. Once all the hair is styled, dress the hair by gently running your fingers through the waves.
Top Tip: Shaking out the hair with your fingers will add more volume and texture and create more of an effortless finish!

As seen on: Maya Jama, Lucy Connell, Jasmine Tookes


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