Coachella Trends 2017

Coachella trends 2017 as spotted by ghd

Festival season is always well and truly kicked off with Coachella. Although the festival showcases some of the worlds’ best artists, the fashion and beauty stake are always at their highest! Here, the ghd Style Squad outline some of their favourite trends that featured throughout weekend one of iconic Coachella festival! #globalhairdays


Whether in a Dutch, French, fishtail or rope style, the braid is always going to make a comeback around festival season. Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid have both been rocking the braided look and most recently, Mollie King was spotted with an embellished rope braid at Coachella festival.

Thanks to the hot weather and environment factors of desert life in Palm Springs including dust and sand storms, Coachella festival attendees often opt for practical updos to keep the hair off their face. Whether embracing the popular double French braid which remains a staple at summer festivals, or indulging in a quadruple rope braid there is a variety of ways to work this trend and personalise to ensure it is your own style.

Top tip: spritz your complete look with the ghd final fix hairspray to ensure your look lasts from day to night!


Effortless, loose waves were a popular trend at iconic festival Coachella this year.

Soft waves that fell around the face and over the shoulders for a carefree and effortless appearance dominated the crowds. Whether styled in a centre-parting or scraped back away from the forehead the key to this look is to preserve natural movement and flow, maintaining a beautifully undone bohemian finish that is not too polished.

TOP TIP: Add texture and movement by using ghd platinum® tropic sky styler. Place the styler vertically into the root of the hair and twist the styler 360 degrees as you push it through to the ends of the hair, alternating sections to add more movement. Leave the ends out for more of a beach texture. Finish off by raking it through with your fingers or the ghd detangling comb.


Festivals are often the time to experiment with your hair. Whether this is with accessories, glitter or accents of colour, these added details can totally transform your look! Recently at Coachella Festival, Mollie King topped off her boho chic look with touches of baby pink in her hair, injecting a vibrant and playful attitude into her day 2 festival look.

Peek-a-boo braids were also very popular over iconic weekend 1 of Coachella and were brought to life with added elements of luxe embellishment with silver and gold hair rings which were carefully placed throughout the micro braids.


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