2018 Hottest Festival Hairstyles

It’s time for glittery partings and big statement hair…festival season is here!

Don’t let the wild weekend frivolities mess up your locks! Keep your look on point with the hottest festival hairstyles.

Putting your hair up and out of your face doesn’t have to be boring. Create curls or waves throughout the pony for a power style set to last all night, or adorn and accessorise to your heart’s content with rings and braids.

Now is the time to put down the flower crown and experiment with your tresses.

Braids are the perfect option for any festival goer, keeping hair up but adding a beautiful twist to any style. Add some ghd total volume foam before you braid, leave in for the day, then undo for big voluminous crimped hair!

Let ghd take you through your festival weekend with these inspirational hairstyles so you can rock out to any act.

Glitter parting

Sparkle and shine this festival season with a glitter parting. Perfect for styles sectioned at the centre or side, glitter brings braids, space buns or down do’s to life with extra pizazz!

TIP: Keep your style with in place with ghd final fix hairspray which makes the glitter last all weekend!

Scarf Crown Braid

Keep your updos majestic with a crown braid, and add something extra with a scarf wound through. This is a perfect style to pair with chunky earrings and ideal for a final festival day for hold that will last.

Crimp It Up

Image: @zoeirwinhair

Crimp It Up

Crimped hair is back, bigger and better than ever. Use the ghd contour® for on-trend catwalk volume or create crimps without a tool by braiding hair all over. Undo the braids, flip your hair and apply ghd final fix hairspray for the ultimate volume.

TIP: adorn hair with coloured cotton for flashes throughout to really make you really stand out from the crowd.

Adorned side braids

Side braids are the best of both worlds for any festival; keeping hair off the face while dancing your heart out but allowing you to express your inner boho goddess. Accessorise with hair rings and trinkets for the ultimate in festival chic.

TIP: Spritz hair with ghd curl hold spray and add texture with the ghd curve® soft curl tong for loose, dressed out waves.

Power Pony

Image: @chusghd

Power Pony

Boring ponytails are a thing of the past. Pack a punch this festival season and embrace your natural hair. For dual texture, slick hair down at the front and tie low at the nape of the neck. Curl the loose hair with the ghd curve® creative curl wand for volume that makes a powerful statement.

Volumised Half Up Hair

Bring your locks to life with this volumised half up hairdo for a simple yet effective style. Curl your hair in sections using the ghd curve® classic curl tong to achieve deep waves throughout. Pull back the very top section of your hair and tie high on your head with an elastic. To create height, wrap ribbon around the pony and accessorise with hair rings.

Space Buns

Festival hair is never complete without adding space buns to your repertoire. Split the top section of your hair into two pony’s, twist into buns and pull out for a messy look. Add some braids to the top of the head for a trendy edge and adorn with glitter and rings for the hottest festival hair.

There’s never been a better time to have fun with your hair. Experiment with braids, glitter and a multitude of accessories. Festival hair will never and should never be boring, so unleash your wild side and be inspired!



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