Rochelle humes x ghd : Power Pony

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2018

Forget the glitter and braids and unleash your curl power! The perfect look to finish off your weekend; this textured ponytail is the ideal way to tame back that three-day-festival-hair and keep those locks off your face while you dance the night away.

Slick at the front and wild at the back, this look is sure to get you spotted from the stage. After creating tight curls with the ghd curve® classic curl tong, backcombing the hair with the ghd narrow dressing brush is the key to creating this voluminous look.

When it's time for texture, make your look EXTRA. Follow the how-to guide to create the ultimate festival Power Pony, as modelled by Rochelle Humes at Coachella 2018.

How to create the power pony

1. Spritz hair all over with water so that it is wet, but not soaking.

2. Using the ghd tail comb, create a deep side parting.

3. Apply ghd smooth & finish serum throughout the hair to smooth and control frizz.

4. Using the ghd oval dressing brush, pull hair back into a low ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck with a hair elastic. (For a fuller ponytail, add in some hair extensions.)

5. Spritz the ponytail with ghd curl hold spray and dry into the hair with the ghd air® hair dryer.

6. Taking small sections, create a tight curl by wrapping hair around the barrel of the ghd curve® classic curl tong for about 5-8 seconds. Repeat until all of the ponytail is curled.

7. Backcomb all over to add extreme volume and texture, then spray with ghd final fix hairspray to finish.



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