ghd X Coachella:
Sammy Robinson

Get the looks of Coachella 2017, as created by ghd stylist Patrick Wilson.

This summer, achieve festival hair perfection with the help of ghd. Whether you’re looking for free-flowing waves or an up-and-away top knot, showcase your individuality and personality with a festival hairstyle that’ll last from the first act until the last.

Take inspiration from our very own Patrick Wilson’s styles from Coachella 2017 for your festival look. Patrick created three super-cool styles on Sammy Robinson for her weekend away at the Californian music spectacle - follow these how-to guides and channel your inner boho goddess at your festival of choice. 

DAY 1: Mermaid hair

1. Prep the hair with the ghd curl hold spray before styling, for long lasting protection and hold. Lightly mist this lightweight spray through the hair and it will work in partnership with your styler to craft perfectly defined and long lasting curls, while also protecting against heat damage.

2. Next, blow dry and work the product into the hair using the ghd air® hairdryer.

3. Create a centre parting using the ghd tail comb for precision.

4. Starting at the nape of the head, wave hair using the ghd original iv styler.

5. Take small sections and turn styler 360' downwards through the hair. Repeat this process all over the head to create an abundance of waves.

6. Leave the curls to cool and then dress the look out with ghd paddle brush for movement and bounce.

7. Finish by spraying the hair with the ghd final fix hairspray for a long lasting hold.

DAY 2: Embellished braided top knot

1. Blow-dry the hair upside down smoothing the hairline into the crown area using the ghd air® hairdryer.

2. Using the ghd tail comb, section off a triangular section from the back of the ears up towards the crown. Place the head upside down and braid this section of hair away from the nape, securing with a clear elastic.

3. Next, take the ghd oval dressing brush and add some ghd final shine spray to the bristles. Work the remaining hair at the front into a high ponytail.

4. Backcomb the ends of the pony and twist into a top knot. Then secure with grips for added hold.

5. Manipulate the shape with your fingers. To finish off the look, add some gold hair rings to the back of the braid.

6. Add rings throughout the braid for an added embellished edge.

DAY 3: Twisting Braids

1. Start by blow drying the ghd root lift spray into hair using the ghd air® hairdryer in the direction you want the braids the fall. This will add texture to the hair so that it is easier to style.

2. Next, section the hair into four even sections starting from the centre parting.

3. Take ghd tail comb to clean up the sections, and spritz the ghd curl hold spray and a water spray on each section of hair. This makes it easier to get the section clean and tidy and rids of any flyaways.

4. To create the rope braid, split the section into two and twist both pieces of hair to the right hand side then cross over to the left. Add a new section of hair and twist this to the right, adding one of the original twists from the first and cross over to the left.

5. Repeat this process on all four sections down to the nape of the neck, securing with clear elastics.

6. Create a low bun at the back of the head, securing with pins and grips to finish off the look.

7. To secure the braids spritz the hair with the ghd final fix hairspray for maximum hold that will last from day to night.


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