From a full fringe to a tiny micro cut, our guide to fringe hairstyles will help you find the ultimate face-framer.

Never underestimate the power of a fringe. Getting one cut in may feel radical, but it’s totally empowering. With a wide range of fringe styles to choose from, there’s a cut to suit everyone. Whether you decide on an easy-going side fringe or an eyebrow-skimming choice, getting the chop is a serious style statement. Fringe hair can enhance your features and bring instant cool to any cut. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so if you’re thinking of joining the fringe fashion pack, here are a few things to consider before you transform your look.


Fringe hairstyles should enhance your features. Depending on the structure of your face, certain fringe styles may work better than others.

Fringes for long faces

If you’ve got a long, narrow face, flaunt a Bardot-style fringe parted at the centre, or go for a blunt fringe to create the illusion of a fuller face.

Fringes for round faces

The ever-popular side fringe flatters all face shapes, but is especially suited to balancing and lengthening round faces. A lengthy textured fringe is perfectly matched too. Ending just above the brows, this style both elongates and widens the face.

Fringes for heart-shaped faces

Those lucky ladies with heart-shaped faces can rock the whole fringe spectrum. From a curtain style which flows to just above the jaw, to a heavier and blunter version for a really strong statement, there are a whole host of ways you can play with your fringe look.  

Fringes for square faces

A chic Bardot fringe can also work for square-faced ladies, working to soften more angular features. Don’t shy away from a full fringe either, so long as it’s textured and hitting brow level. 

Maintaining fringe hairstyles

Once you’ve found a flattering fringe for your face, it’s all about maintaining, styling and owning it. From scheduling regular trims to mastering your blow-dry technique, there are ways to make sure your fringe game stays strong. Top of the list is styling your hair properly, with a hairdryer and a radial brush. 

For the perfect blow-dry, point the ghd air® hair dryer straight down the fringe from the root for full fringe glory. If you want a bouncy, rounded finish, curl your fringe round a ghd ceramic brush size 3 as you dry.

Five fringe hairstyles to update your look

Full fringe

It’s a classic for a reason – the full fringe is flattering on nearly all face shapes. The simple, elegant look works especially well on thick hair and, because it covers your forehead, is one of the most youthful fringe hairstyles. By keeping the sides of your fringe longer and slightly rounded, you’ll flatter your features. 

Tip: For thick tresses prone to frizz, blow-dry ghd smooth and finish serum into your fringe while damp for a high-shine finish. 

Image: @i.bernardoni 

Side fringe

Soft, subtle and universally flattering, the side fringe is the perfect solution if you want to ease into a new style. It starts from the side parting and often falls over one half of the forehead, creating effortless side-swept drama. This style grows out fairly quickly, is easy to blend into layers and is also extremely versatile. Wear it long and full, pinned to the side or even styled back into a mini quiff. 

Tip: Give your side-swept fringe a slept-in rock star edge by lightly teasing with a ghd tail comb and spritzing with final fix hairspray

Image: @pennyandpeach 

Blunt fringe

Classic and chic, the key to a blunt fringe is to make sure it’s never ruler-straight or overly heavy in the middle. The most flattering length sits just below your temples, slightly arched in the middle. From eyelash-grazing to brow-framing, have fun playing with lengths and making the fringe your own. 

Tip: Make sure your blunt fringe is full and fabulous by blasting into shape with a ghd air® hair dryer from above, using your fingers to evenly distribute the hair.

Image: @scontey 

Retro fringe

Nothing says fashion-forward quite like a micro fringe. Made famous by Louise Brooks in the 20s, the retro style is taking over runways. Christened ‘baby bangs’ by American fashionistas, this edgy look can be worn polished and rounded or blunt and choppy.   

Tip: Styling a faux fringe is the best way to try out this bold cut before you take the chop. 

If you’re looking for a simple hair update with big impact, all signs point to the fringe. Once you've found your perfect fringe hairstyle match, all you need are a few essential ghd styling products and tools to keep your face-framing locks flawless every day. 


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