ghd x Eugene Souleiman:
Preen at LFW SS19

Go behind the scenes at London Fashion Week with ghd and Eugene Souleiman.

The Nomadic world, movement and travel, were the starting point behind the inspiration for the Preen SS19 show. This season’s pieces were designed for the modern transient lifestyle women lead, styles that fit into a woman’s wardrobe without effort, and some that give her pure joy.

The collection consisted of exaggerated sleeves and gypsy lace, both of which moved as the girls took to the catwalk. This was juxtaposed with hair created by ghd Fashion Week ambassador, Eugene Souleiman, “The clothes are really moving on the catwalk, so we created something to contrast this – hair is more stiff and rigid. I’ve created hair that looks as though you have been in the desert heat for two days wearing a beanie hat. Hair doesn’t feel too clean and instead has a soft cobweb-like texture that has been squashed onto the head. “The look is delicate and intricate, yet wonderfully wild”, Eugene explains.”

Using the ghd platinum+ styler, the smart styler which contains ultra-zone technology, allowed Eugene to flatten the end of the ponytail without jeopardising the shine or finish of the ends.

Get the Look:

Eugene Souleiman used minimal product in the hair to begin and instead starting by using a low heat and low power setting to create the base texture for the look, “Start by drying the hair using the ghd air® hair dryer without any wet product to begin with. Twist the hair into a slight S shape to add fuller body and firm texture to the hair, using the hairdryer without a diffuser or nozzle so airflow is sporadic and less precise in airflow.”

“Next, take a medium sized section of hair above the ear and add a rope braid. Use black hat elastic to criss-cross along the top section of the braid, keeping hair tight and working the elastic into the hair. Take the rope braid with elastic only half way down the section of hair and then braid the rest of the hair in a simple plait. Tuck the excess hair in front of the ear to create more depth to the look.” – Eugene Souleiman

“Then, scrape the hair back into a low pony – don’t use a brush and instead comb through the hair using your fingers in a rigid motion to add cob-webby and rugged appeal, reminiscent of the travelling gypsy. Once the pony is secured, press the ghd platinum+ styler along the ponytail so hair appears more rigid and stiff.” – Eugene Souleiman

“For girls with longer and thicker hair, we added a criss-cross with black elastic to the top of the ponytail before flattening out the bottom half of the hair, gently pressing the ghd platinum+ styler across the width to replicate the squashed texture seen at the top of the hair.” – Eugene Souleiman




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