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Olivia Rubin AW20 show "Flip & Grip" hairstyle


Join ghd behind the scenes at London Fashion Week and discover the Olivia Rubin AW20 collection, with hair styled by ghd brand ambassador Zoe Irwin.


The Olivia Rubin A/W 2020 collection takes inspiration from the colourful years of 80’s fashion, with a subtle modern twist. Models brightened the presentation space wearing rainbow petal hues and tie dye ombre, all of which was embellished with polka dots, sequins and silky pearls.

The colourful final look was tied together with vibrant blue eyeliner, rosy cheeks and voluminous hair laced in bright Kirby grips inspired by the four hero colours behind the collection.

Finished hair look at Olivia Rubin
Flip & Grip hair style


Hair travelled back to the 80’s and was inspired by Jerry Hall’s famous locks but with a 2020 twist. Curls, volume and colour stole the show with the look, created by ghd’s ambassador, Zoe Irwin, using the new ghd helios hairdryer and set in place with vibrant Kirby grips coloured by Zoe herself.


Launching today, the new ghd helios is lighter and faster for ultra-powerful drying and styling control, delivering 30% more shine.

Zoe Irwin says, “The ghd helios hairdryer gives you the perfect flow of air when drying to create a natural fullness, stunning shine and smoothness like no other. It’s my new kit bag essential as it’s so fast and really minimises drying time, therefore limiting damage to your hair. Remember to use the cool shot button when drying; this blast of cold air helps to lock your finished style in place.”

The "Flip & Grip" hair look
Brushed out waves


1. Begin by applying ghd root lift spray to the roots & spraying until damp, then lightly spritz through the lengths of the hair.

2. To create volume, blow dry with the ghd helios hairdryer, lifting the hair at the root & drying around the ghd natural bristle brush size 2. Flip hair to the side while drying.

3. Once dry, section off the hair and tong throughout using ghd curve® classic curl tong, to create soft movement.

4. Very gently brush the curls out using the ghd oval dressing brush to create soft waves.

5. Apply colourful hair grips to the side of the head & down to the nape of the neck.

6. Finish with ghd final fix hairspray.


Models on the catwalk
Model headshot
Curling model's hair
Hair styling
helios styling
Models with finished hair
Model ready for the catwalk at Olivia Rubin show
Models for Olivia Rubin
Flip & Grip hair

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