Low Dos

Get creative with your updos and swap your usual ponytail out for a low messy bun or side chignon that works for day or night.  

These stylish bun hairstyles look incredible all year round – working with caps for cooler weather or dressing up with hair jewellery for weddings and festive parties.  

Give your locks an update and get the looks that are creating noise in the fashion world with low do hairstyles, as styled by ghd. 

colorbykrys - low do

Image: @colorbykrys

aprershouse - low do

Image: @aprershouse

What are low do hairstyles?

If you’re looking for an easy-to-achieve, low maintenance look, this is the hairstyle for you. It’s not about being pristine and polished – this updo promotes bringing a casual vibe to a sophisticated situation, and welcomes flyways and a more undone finish.  

Rather than gathering all your lengths and tying them up and away, low do hairstyles like a cool side chignon will keep your hair off your shoulders but still allow your tresses to flow. Prepping your hair with the right products will give your low do hairstyle a boost of volume and texture – both at the roots and in the hair you decide to tie up.  

Relaxed bun hairstyles and low updos aren’t just confined to one look. These include: 

Side Chignon

This twisted but sophisticated hairstyle is ideal for a summer wedding or fancy evening event. Hair is swept to the side and rolled up into a low bun, with delicate strands left to frame the face at the front. It’s a great choice for those with long curly hair looking for an effortlessly glam hairstyle. Follow these steps to try it out for yourself. 

Twisted low knot

This textured low do is the perfect office hairstyle for those important meetings or for evenings out with friends. Soft curls at the front create a feminine finish in this bun hairstyle while the twisted knot at the nape of your neck keeps hair out of the way but looks incredible. Take a look at our how-to guide to create this look.  

Low side fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are a great alternative to the regular French plait or Dutch braid, creating a stunning, intricate looking finish in your hair. A low fishtail braid that falls to the side is the perfect low do for casual events and can be twisted into a bun if you desire. Add a hair accessory for special occasions. Follow this tutorial to create the perfect fishtail braid that can be left loose or pinned into a bun.  

Textured low pony

A low pony is one of the easiest low dos to pull together. Tousled waves pulled back and secured with an elastic look great, but tease out some of the hair to create extra volume and you have a look that’s perfect day or night. Add a bold scrunchie or hair ribbon to finish the style for a cute added detail. We have a step-by-step tutorial to help you create the look yourself – check it out here.  

Whatever your vibe, there’s a low do for you. Discover our selection of hairstyles to try out, ready for your next big event or just to switch up your day-to-day look



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