Special Occasion Hair with Stephanie Brinkerhoff: Side Sweep

Spring is in the air and special occasion hair is on our minds! Whether planning for your big day, or prepping for prom, ghd Ambassador and bridal hair expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff gives us an exclusive look on how-to get the perfect side sweep style.

Step One

- Beginning at the nape, use the ghd platinum® styler to curl the hair:
- Place the styler in at the roots, and then rotate the styler 360 degrees.
- Once you have rotated 360 degrees, slowly pull the flat iron down through the ends.
- Make sure you have enough tension on the edge of the flat iron to make it curl (almost like curling a ribbon).
- Don't squeeze too tightly, to avoid kinks.
- The slower you move down the hair, the tighter the curl.

Step Two 

Continue curling all of the hair this way, alternating directions to help add volume.

Step Three

It helps to add backcombing to the roots as you go. This will add volume and make it easier to pin.

Step Four

When you get around the face, be sure to curl away from the face to help it sweep back easily.

Step Five

Once the hair is curled, gently run your fingers through the curls to tousle them.

Step Six

Section out the crown area and the heavy side for later.

Step Seven

Pick up the hairline in the back, going from the top of the ear down to the bottom of the neck. Follow by picking up the hairline by the opposite ear.

Step Nine

Bring both pieces together over to the heavy side and secure them with an elastic. This helps to keep the hairline in place.

Step Ten

Flip the ponytail inside out, and gently pull on the side sections to loosen them, making them voluminous and draped. Now the hairline is secure but still very soft looking.

Step Eleven

Let down the crown section and loosely sweep it all over to the heavy side. Secure with bobby pins.

Step Twelve

Add in the shallow side, leaving some hair out around the face.

Step Thirteen

Let down the heavy side, and loosely pin it back to the ear. Leave most of it down around the face.

Step Fourteen 

Finish by detailing the hair around the face with your fingers. Use hairspray for hold.

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