Glamoween: Angel Braid

A scary costume is so 2018...

If you're over the whole 'Trick or Treat' thing and are searching for a fresh look this year, make a statement with a heavenly Angel Braid and be the angel amongst the fallen this Halloween.

Bring the light, and the glitter, to this spooky holiday and fashion this beautiful pull through braid for an easy updo with stunning results. For this look you'll need plenty of volume and hair elastics, so start by curling your hair with the ghd curve® soft curl tong and leaving a few sections loose around your face for a touch of divinity. Then begin your braid, always sectioning equally in two for uniform loops.

When you've woven your braid, spritz with ghd final fix spray and embellish with a generous sprinkling of glitter. Stand out from the spooks and style a heaven-sent hairstyle this Halloween.

Angel Braid


1. Curl all your hair using ghd curve® creative curl wand, placing it vertically in your hair.

2. Wrap your hair around the barrel 2 to 3 times (depending on length).

3. Keeping a tight hold on the ends, glide the ghd curve® creative curl wand up and down the section, slowly 4 times and release.

4. Continue to curl all the hair this way, alternating the direction from section to section then dress with ghd detangle comb.

5. Make a pony from the top section of your hair, and another with the remaining lower section.

6. Divide the top pony into 2 sections and wrap under the lower pony, securing with an elastic.

7. Divide the lower pony into 2 sections and wrap under the top pony, securing with an elastic.

8. Continue till you reach the end of the hair and pinch and pull the sections to wide.

9. Spritz the pony with glitter spray on alternate pulls.

Halloween Hair



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