Halloween Hairstyles of 2019

Be the Queen of the Halloween scene.

We all know that when it comes to Halloween, your costume is only as good as your hair. Knock them dead this year with a killer style and be the best dressed at any party.

We've curated these gorgeous styles to so you can achieve your best Halloween look yet. Going all out? Why not try a luminescent hair colour or a touch of glitter for a mythical aura. Make your hair the hero of your Halloween costume with one of these supernatural styles.

Twisted Tendrils

Twisted Tendrils

For a Medusa inspired look, style these twisted rope braids for a touch of legend. Work with your natural texture and style to create a braided look that works for you. Prep each section with ghd smooth and finish serum to help shape the braids and then secure with hair elastics. Add some ribbons or a temporary colour to add a supernatural feel to your look.

Devil Horns

An iconic Halloween style with a sultry spin - sculpt these fiendish buns with glamorous soft waves for a fierce femme fatale look. To create the horns, start by sectioning the top section of your hair into two ponytails. Twist them into buns and use ghd final fix spray to mould them into shape. Curl the lower sections of your locks using the ghd platinum+ styler and brush them out with the ghd paddle brush to soften the style. Finish your look with face jewels for ultimate glamour.

Spooky Slicked Back

Spooky Slicked Back

If you're going for an elegant costume this year and want to make a statement with your long locks, fashion a sophisticated slicked back style and turn every head at the party. A popular choice on the catwalks this season, work this dual-textured look for a chic style. Avoid all the backcombing that's usually involved in Halloween styling and keep your hair under control with ghd total volume foam and some kooky statement pins.

Braided Space Buns

Braided Space Buns

A festival favourite, give these gorgeous braids a Halloween spin and fashion an out of this world Space Odyssey style. Start with a centre parting and Dutch braid your hair from the bottom of your head, or from the front, then fashion two buns with the rest of the braid. Go all out with some glitter or silver hair colour to complete your out of this world look.

Halo-ween Braid

Halo-ween Braid

Scary costumes not your thing? Weave a stunning halo braid for a heavenly look and stand out from the crowd of monsters and ghouls with this angelic do. Dutch braid your hair starting on one side and working your way carefully around your head. If you've got short hair invest in a sturdy hair-piece and secure with pins.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

For a Little Mermaid look, you can't go wrong with an intricate fishtail braid. Perfect this technique and you can apply it to any style; micro braids, French fishtail braids or a half-updo, sculpt this stunning style in a way that works for you. Tease the fishtail with your fingers for a tousled finish and leave a few strands loose at the front to frame your face.

Textured Tresses

Textured Tresses

There's no such thing as too much texture on Halloween. This versatile style will work with any and every costume, so turn up the volume and rock a messy wave that’s from another world. Prep your hair with ghd root lift spray to give your look after-life and blow dry into imperfect waves with the ghd air® hair dryer. A classic style for a Halloween Queen.

Share your favourite Halloween looks on Instagram and tag us at @ghdhair. For more party inspiration, check out our hairstyles hub.




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