Tricks of the Trade with Patrick Wilson

Tricks of the Trade With Patrick Wilson

ghd creative artist, Patrick Wilson, is a celeb and session favourite, with an enviable list of clients and an Instagram following that’s out of this world. Here he reveals his unique tips and trade secrets that will transform the way you think about hair.

1. A toothbrush isn't just for teeth!

This is a backstage favourite I use all the time to get rid of those annoying baby hairs. It acts like an “ultra mini brush” and gets into places that a normal brush can’t. Simply spritz the toothbrush with ghd final fix hairspray and tame those fly-aways!

2. For the girl on the go

Ever find your hair gets flat by the end of the working day? Keep a ghd root lift spray in your drawer at the office. Simply tip your head upside down and spray into the roots. This will add body and give you that va va voom you have always wanted.

3. Ever struggle to get those perfect beachy waves?

Section your hair into four parts, like a hot cross bun. Plait each section and secure the end with an elastic. Then gently run the ghd platinum+ styler over each braid. Leave to cool down, then unleash the texture.

4. The pinch

You may have seen models such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley doing this trick before a photo and thought ‘what is that?’ and ‘why is she doing that?’ But it really works! If you have a centre part, just pinch the parting and spray it with a light mist of ghd final fix hairspray. This frames the face and gives that Bardot look to a fringe.

5. Supermodel blowout

If you struggle getting lift into your hair, my top tip is to flip your head over and blast your hair until it’s around 80% dry - before even starting to pick up a round brush! My favourite is the ghd air® hair dryer.

6. Ever tried to cover your bobble on your ponytail?

A lot of people wrap a section of hair around the pony and grip it in, leaving the pin coming out on the other side: Not a great look. You don’t actually need a pin for this. A top tip that I always use behind the scenes is to use hairspray. Simply wrap the hair around the bobble of the ponytail, and each time the hair goes around spray in with ghd final fix hairspray. Once the hair is fully wrapped around the pony, use the ghd air® hair dryer on the cool setting to set into place. It will feel really secure and you won’t have any pins on show.



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