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how-to hairstyles:
Afro to Sleek

Straightening afro hair is a breeze thanks to the ghd platinum+ styler. Create this glossy style without any fuss using our easy-to-follow guide.

Switch up your daily afro hairstyle and rock luscious, smooth locks. This striking straight style is bound to turn heads and is perfect if you want to revamp your look for a special event.

It’s easy to turn tight afro curls into sleek, straight tresses with the ghd platinum+ styler. With ultra-zone technology, the plates of the styler are evenly heated, meaning you get a more consistent style throughout the lengths of your hair.

Find out how to straighten your afro hair with our step-by-step guide and achieve a salon-style finish at home.

Here’s how to straighten afro hair at home:

1. Prep hair with heat protect spray

2. Section hair into layers

3. Glide styler through small sections of hair

4. Repeat throughout the hair

step one: Prep hair with heat protect spray

To protect your locks before styling, spritz your hair with ghd heat protect spray from the roots to the tips. Comb the product through with the ghd detangling comb to ensure an even distribution throughout your hair.

step two: Section hair into layers

Section hair into layers, create as many as you need to prepare more manageable sections.

step three: Glide styler through small sections of hair

With excess hair pinned out of the way, take the first section and place it between the plates of the ghd platinum+ styler. Glide the styler from the roots to the ends, smoothing out the curls as you go. Moving the styler slowly down the locks ensure you’ll get professional quality results and leave you without kinks in your straight hairstyle.

step four: Repeat throughout the hair

Continue around your hair, following the directions outlined in step three, until you have a head of sleek and glossy hair.

Tip: Add a beautiful glossy finish with a generous helping of the ghd smooth & finish serum. For afro hair, take a pump and a half and disperse through the mid-lengths and ends using your hands.

Give your afro hair a makeover with the help of ghd. Once you’re rocking a super smooth mane, you play more styles from our inspiration hub. From braided looks to updos for any occasion, match the hairstyle to your next diary date.




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