Myth #2:

One Tool = One Look

Unleash your styler’s true potential. Curls, waves and flicks are as easy to achieve as straight hair, with the ghd platinum+ styler.

The iconic ghd stylers aren’t just for straightening. With its rounder shape, precision plates and cool outer body all it takes is a turn of the hand to create shimmering hair that's full of movement, with the ghd platinum+ styler. The plates of styler stay perfectly aligned when passing through the hair, giving you greater control to create any style.

This is all done through the revolutionary wishbone hinge that not only looks good but holds the plates in place to give you a perfect glide, resulting in over 50% less breakage* with a 20% increase in shine**. Plus, the rounder outer barrel shape lets you create smooth curls, waves and flicks giving you limitless style options. 

When it comes to mixing up your look with one tool, the ghd platinum+ styler is the perfect choice.

Get creative. You can craft numerous looks with just a ghd styler to hand, from beach waves for the day to tight curls that last all night.


One tool does it all. To achieve a wavy hairstyle with a straightener, turn on the ghd platinum+ styler and allow it to heat up to the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC. Starting at the roots, work in small sections and glide down the hair a little before turning the styler 180° and continuing to the ends. You should be left with a defined curl that you can then loosen up with your fingers or a detangling comb, for stunning waves. Finish with a misting of ghd final fix hairspray for a style that doesn’t quit.


Curling your locks with a styler uses a similar technique to waves. However, when turning the straightener in the hair, move slowly with the styler and try not to loosen the style too much once curled. This will result in a dramatic, tighter curl that holds its shape. Use your styler to make a statement whatever your hairstyle - curl loose strands of hair from a messy bun or create a curled ponytail for a fun finish.


If you’re feeling inspired by vintage hair, use your styler to finish your look with flicks at the end of your tresses. Simply glide your styler through your hair and curve it up and out as you reach the tip, for a subtle flick. This technique works great on shorter, straight hair to achieve a dramatic style in no time.

When it comes to choosing a diverse hair tool, add the ghd platinum+ styler to your dressing table and change up your style every day with ease. For more inspiration on the looks you could create, visit our hairstyles hub to find everything from festival hair to styles for your hair type.

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Results based on tri-zone® technology: *vs a styler working at 230°C **vs untreated hair


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