Space Buns

Introducing the hottest new hair trend of this season - Space Buns. 

No, your time machine hasn’t worked and you’re not in 1996 – space buns are back with a bang. The iconic hairstyle has been revived and looks set to become the staple summer and festival style of 2017. This pre-millennium look epitomises the decade that gave us Friends, the Tamagotchi and, who can forget, Girl Power. It’s cute, it’s playful and it’s uber-cool. 

Rocked by Poppy Delevingne, Mollie King and the Kardashian sisters, this hair updo trend is going stratospheric. So take your hair to another planet and get a super-chic pair of space buns.

Image: ghd

What are Space Buns?

Think Baby Spice and Gwen Steffani when it comes to your space buns look. Simplicity is the key to this summer hairstyle’s success. This look consists of two high hair buns that are secured in place to sit on the top of your head – effortlessly easy.

It’s all about getting that base lift to create your space buns. Achieving that totally-out-of-this-world volume from the start will allow you to build bold buns and make a statement with your style. Tie them in place with a hair elastic, or if you’re wanting to keep the elastics hidden, loosen a bit of hair from your spaces buns and wrap it around the base.

Add your own personal touches to the space buns looks by incorporating braids either into the buns or from your hairline up to your buns. Go all about 90s too with bright and sparkly embellishments, or get the glitter out to give your look that chic festival appeal. 

Image: @nealmhair

Image: @eb.hair

How to rock Space Buns

So you can get this on-trend look, channel your inner-90s child and follow our step-by-step guide on how to create space buns.