ghd x Roksanda LFW AW/17:
The S Wave

Get the Roksanda look, styled by James Pecis and ghd for London Fashion Week. 

"This isn't a beach wave. It's more polished and chic." - James Pecis

Effortlessly cool, yet chicly understated, session stylist James Pecis and his team opted for a soft wave look for the Roksanda LFW AW/17 show, bringing a touch of the summer styles into the autumn and winter seasons. This not-too-try-hard wave will leave your hair with a smooth feel and a high shine finish, and is the perfect partner for the AW/17 trends.

To maintain a polished and healthy gloss, James prepped hair with ghd advanced split end therapy treatment. To finish, he separated the waves with a pea-size amount of ghd smooth & finish serumto make it feel unfussy and fresh.

Follow the step-by-step guide below and find out how you can achieve the S Wave look from the Roksanda x ghd LFW AW/17 show.

step 1: Prepare the roots using ghd root lift spray to give a lightweight foundation to the look. This will make your hair look and feel fuller, and give added movement and texture.

step 2: Dry the hair using ghd air® hairdryer and oval dressing brush, ensuring the hair is smooth. Then use a ghd tail comb to create a lived-in parting – make sure it has a soft and natural feel, rather than a 1990’s zig-zag parting.

TIP: With dense natural bristles, using the oval dressing brush when drying will allow you to keep tension on the section of hair and achieve a smooth, high shine finish

step 3: Working in small sections around the head, personalise the look by creating a subtle natural wave with the ghd curve® soft curl tong

step 4: Instead of wrapping hair all the way around the tong, press the hair against the barrel to achieve a natural U shape bend. Alternate the direction as you work down your section of hair to create the S Wave style.

step 5: Once personalised using ghd curve® soft curl tong, separate the waves by passing a pea-sized amount of ghd smooth & finish serum over the surface of the hair.

TIP: Applying ghd smooth & finish serum to your hair with smooth out any flyaways

step 6: Finish by tucking the hair behind the ears

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