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Embellish your tresses with a beautiful hair accessory to take your wedding style to another dimension.

For an extra touch of romance, take your styling to the next level and embellish your do for the big day. Adding a new level of texture and interest to your locks, wedding hair accessories are guaranteed to seal your bridal style status. 

Go timeless with vintage combs, glamorous with an eye-catching headpiece, or boho with subtle flowers. 

Put a unique spin on your wedding tresses and head to the altar with fully adorned locks.

Floral crown:
Romantic soft curls

Complete your boho bridal style with a dreamy floral crown. Take on the beauty of nature with this pretty accessory - match florals to your colour scheme or add delicate greenery for effortless glamour. Paired with tumbling curls, you’re guaranteed to take your partner's breath away.  

Instagram: @kimberlykinghair

step one: 
Take a one to two inch section of dry hair and prep with ghd curl hold spray

step two: 
Hold the ghd curve® soft curl tong horizontally and flat wrap the section of hair around the barrel. Roll it towards your roots and hold in place for five to eight seconds. 

step three: 
Repeat steps one and two throughout your hair, alternating curls in different directions for a textured look. 

step four:
Lightly brush through your curls with a ghd oval dressing brush for a beautiful soft finish. 

step five: 
Place your floral crown on your head, letting loose tendrils frame your face.  


Capture relaxed romance with a delicate hair vine. Twist your accessory into a chunky French plait, flowing down your back in an ethereal style. The pops of sparkle will add a unique dimension to your braid. 

Instagram: @joloveshair

step one: 
Create waves in your hair using the ghd platinum+ black styler, starting at the roots, rotating towards the face and gliding through to the ends.  

step two: 
Once all the desired waves have been styled, gather all your hair at the crown of your head and divide into three sections.   

step three: 
Cross the right section over the middle section, then cross the left section over the middle section.  

step four: 
Continue to braid, repeating step three and adding in hair as you go.  

step five: 
Once you’ve added in all additional hair, finish the lengths with a classic braid. Secure the braid with a hair tie.  

step six: 
Use your fingers to gently loosen the loops of your braid to create a chunky effect.  

step seven: 
Weave your hair vine through the length of your plait, starting from the top and working your way to the ends.  

Tip: To ensure your accessory stays put, discreetly add in hair pins throughout the braid.


There’s no shortage of sophistication with a classic hairband. Beautiful with cascading classic curls, the accessory adds a graceful flourish to a simple wedding hairstyle. 

step one: 
Take a three-inch section of dry hair and prep with ghd curl hold spray

step two: 
Wind the section of hair around the barrel of the ghd curve® classic curl tong. Hold for five to eight seconds and release.

step three: 
Repeat steps one and two on the rest of your hair, making sure to curl locks in the same direction for a classic finish. 

step four: 
Once your hair is fully curled, use the ghd detangling comb to soften the style and loosen your curls.  

step five: 
Slide your headband into place, tucked just behind your ears.  


This glamorous style is the epitome of bridal chic. Twirl and pin your locks into a vintage curly updo and adorn with a jewelled hair clip. It’s the perfect partner for this show-stopping look. 

Instagram: @joloveshair

step one: 
Prep damp hair with two to four pumps of ghd total volume foam.  

step two: 
Blow-dry the product into your hair with the ghd air® hairdryer and the ghd ceramic vented radial brush. Starting from the roots, direct the flow of air downwards and pull the hair upwards with the brush to create root lift. 

step three: 
Once dry, lightly backcomb all your hair with the ghd narrow dressing brush at the root to create more volume.  

step four: 
Take a two-inch section of hair and flat wrap it around the ghd curve® classic curl tong. Hold for five to eight seconds and release.  

step five: 
Wrap the curl around your fingers to create a pin curl and secure in place against your head with a hair pin.  

step six: 
Repeat steps four and five on all remaining hair, staggering the placement of the pins.   

step seven: 
Slide your hair clip into place on one side of your hair and finish with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray


Bring a little drama to your bridal style with not one but two types of plait. Blending a loose rope braid and a fishtail, this half updo is made even more beautiful with the addition of fresh flowers dotted throughout. 

Instagram: @velkshairdesign

step one: 
Create waves in your hair using the ghd curve® creative curl wand

step two: 
On either side of your natural parting, create two sections of hair that go from the parting down to your ear.  

step three: 
Take the left section and divide into two. Twist each sub-section to the right, then cross the right sub-section over the left sub-section. 

step four: 
Continue to cross to the right and wrap to the left until you reach the ends of the hair. Secure in place with a hair tie.   

step five:
Repeat steps three and four on the right section of hair.  

step six: 
Take both of your rope braids and bring together to form a ponytail at the bottom of your crown. Remove the first set of hair ties, before securing together into one.  

step seven:
Divide the ponytail into two sections to begin your fishtail.  

step eight: 
Take a small piece of hair from the outside of the left section, cross it over the top and add it to the right section. On the right section, take a small piece of hair from the outside, cross it over the top and add it to the left section. 

step nine:  
Repeat step eight, continuing to braid to the end of the ponytail. Secure in place with a hair tie.  

step ten:  
Undo the top hair tie at the base of the ponytail and add fresh flowers throughout your style.  



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