Bridal hair inspiration: Last minute styles by Zoe Irwin

Take on Zoe Irwin's styling advice for these last-minute wedding hairstyles - perfect for going with the flow and creating your own look.

A wedding day wouldn't be a wedding day without some last-minute changes - your stylist might've dropped out, it might be blowing a gale outside or you might just be running out of time. To help you embrace the moment and perfect the look, ghd ambassador Zoe Irwin has given us the lowdown on how to achieve a stunning last-minute hairstyle.

The failsafe, she says, is flawless waves:

“Waves in hair work very well for this situation, as once the hair has movement it can be styled more easily. Waves work well on hair that is loosely pinned up or more dressed and twisted into a chignon. I would advise practising for this scenario.  

“A hairdresser can also show you how to do a simple style for this emergency but my failsafe style is an undone soft bun, which sits either in the middle of the back or for a more vintage feel at the base of the neck to the side.” 

Tumbling waves are timeless and romantic, the perfect choice for bridal hair. With the ghd essentials in your kit you can create a stunning wavy hairstyle yourself on your big day.

Here’s how to create a messy bun on your wedding day: 

1. Prep the hair  

2. Blow-dry hair  

3. Curl your hair  

4. Secure your hair into a ponytail 

5. Wrap the ponytail to create a loose bun

step one: Prep the hair  
Mist ghd root lift spray closely to the roots of damp hair and then lightly spritz through the mid-lengths and ends by holding the bottle further away from the head.

step two: Blow-dry hair  
Blow-dry your hair using the ghd air® hairdryer and a ghd natural bristle brush. The root lift spray will add a lift to your style, getting a base of volume for your curls.

step three: Curl your hair  
Take sections of hair and wrap them around the larger part of the ghd curve® creative curl wand. Leave out the roots, wrapping hair from about 4cm down and leave the ends out by gently holding onto the last few centimetres between your fingers. Curl all of your hair in the same direction, away from your face.

step four: Secure your hair into a ponytail 
Run your fingers through the waves for a softer undone look or brush through with the ghd paddle brush for a more dressed finish. With your head back, take all the hair in your hands to form a ponytail and secure the style with a hair tie. 

step five: Wrap the ponytail to create a loose bun 
Gently twist the ponytail and wrap around the base, secure with hair grips, using as many as you need to keep the bun in place. To hold really well, weave the pins through the hair in a sewing action and twist the end of the pin together. 

Here’s how to style short hair with waves on your wedding day: 

1. Blow-dry hair 

2. Curl your hair 

3. Finish with product 

step one: Blow-dry hair  
On damp hair, spritz ghd root lift spray into the roots. Then, using the ghd air® hairdryer, blow-dry your hair using the mid-size natural bristle brush to help add volume to your style.  

step two: Curl your hair 
Once hair is dried, take the ghd curve® classic wave wand and wrap the mid part of the hair, a few centimetres from the root, around the wand to give a fuller look and create a pretty wave. Curl the hair away from the face, making sure each section is curled in the same way. 

step three: Finish with product 
Lightly mist ghd final fix hairspray onto your fingers, then run them through the style to give a natural look, hold and luxe shine. 

Now you know how to create gorgeous, last minute wedding hairstyles, take some time to practice before the big day to avoid any hair dilemmas. Trial the styles with your bridesmaids and you can help each other out on the big day.

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