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Introducing ghd oracle; the first curler that allows you to create an infinite array of curls with just a slight tilt of the hand. This latest breakthrough in styling technology opens up endless curling possibilities and even helps create looks that have never been seen before.

Welcome to the revolution. ghd oracle’s quantum leap technology uniquely combines the styling power of heat with the setting effect of cool to create perfect locked in curls in a single stroke.

The patented combination of hot and cold contoured plates and a unique, internal, high power fan transforms your hair into gorgeous, frizz-free waves with a smooth, shiny finish in one easy glide. The breakthrough curl zone, instantly cools and sets the look for long lasting, perfect curls.

With a simple tilt of the hand or different section size, you can dramatically alter the curl you create. No more wrapping or rolling hair – one tool is all you need for endless curls.

For the first time ever, create any curl in one stroke

Oxford dictionary definition of an 'Oracle':

Oracle Technology

Curl-zone technology is a patented combination of a unique shape, high-speed ceramic heaters, and a rapid cooling system which allows you to create any curl or wave in one stroke with a simple tilt of the hand:

1. 4 ceramic heater plates heat hair to the optimum styling temperature of 185oC, for healthier styling and ultimate, frizz-free curls.

2. the unique U shape creates the perfect curl on all hair types.

3. the breakthrough, patented curl zone cools hair quickly to set the curl in place

The combination of the optimum styling temperature and the setting effect of cool creates long-lasting, frizz-free curls and waves.

Changing the way hair runs through the styler changes the curl shape; so you can create any type of curl or wave simply by changing the angle and direction you glide it through your hair.

get the look

For the first time, create any type of curl with one tool. Whether you want glamourous curls or soft waves; with ghd oracle you'll never be at a loose end when it comes to styling your locks. Check out our easy how-to guides for some of our favourite looks styled with ghd oracle:


Take some inspiration or tag your own oracle looks. Join the revolution with #ghdoraclehk


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