ghd contour®: Adam Reed Q&A

ghd contour®, available from October 2017 at RRP €99 in the finest salons, premium retailers and

With the launch of our latest limited edition styler – the ghd contour®  – we got the lowdown from ghd global ambassador Adam Reed on everything to do with the reinvented crimped look, and why it’s going to make a big statement this season.

Q: How is today's crimped look different from the 90s? 

Adam Reed: "It’s time to look back to the future as hair is all about an overdose of texture this season. In continuation from last season's obsession with curls, AW17 is big on texture, with 80s-inspired looks taking centre stage on the catwalks.

Texture and crimping is definitely back, but not as you know it. It’s now a lot softer and more subtle than it used to be, and it’s certainly more wearable.

It’s not necessarily about crimping all of your hair this season, it’s really more about placement of crimping and emphasising and creating texture in the hair."

Q: Is the emphasis different these days? Is it on texture – if so how do you create that? Is it also about strategically crimping certain sections of hair rather than the whole head?

AR: "Bring the trend up-to-date by avoiding crimping all of your hair. Instead, experiment with different sections for a dual texture effect. Or simply use a crimper to create shape, texture and volume – sometimes you won’t even see that the hair has been crimped but it will have amazing long-lasting volume that has been created using a crimper.

You can add texture around the face using a crimper, creating height and volume, as well as shadows and movement.

A crimper can be used to contour the face, you can choose the exact areas that need height or definition and just swell those areas of hair using the crimper.  Sometimes the crimped hair will remain hidden but the hair will be swollen and volumised."

Contouring using a crimper/the ghd contour® – for different face shapes:

Round/Square face shape 

"To elongate a round or square face, add crimping at your roots using the hidden volume technique to give lift."

Rectangle and Oval face shape

"Keep the top of the hair flatter and add width using the freestyle feathering technique or a small veil will give an optical illusion of hair lightening to soften the look."

Heart face shape

"Use the ghd contour™ around the recession line using the freestyle feathering technique to balance out the face shape and to soften the jaw line."

Q: Have you always carried crimpers in your kit even before the launch of the new ghd crimper – why?

AR: "Crimping is one of those trends that everyone is scared of but it never goes away. Crimping is a session stylist’s secret to creating incredible volume and big hair. We all carry a crimper in our kit, I’ve had one for years in my kit bag, as they’re incredible for adding volume and texture, so I’m thrilled to be involved in creating this new super tool for ghd, I’ve been begging ghd for ghd’s to launch a crimper and now it is finally here!"

Q: Please could you talk through a couple of styles you could create as part of 2017's take on crimping?

AR: “You can create so many different styles using a crimper, some can be totally subtle and others way more obvious.

Freestyle feather (Subtle Sleek Crimp) – “Add fine panels of crimp detail to a beautiful blowdry or sleek straight hair. As hair moves the crimped panels will become visible, giving a subtle feather effect.

Statement veil (Creative Embellished Crimp) – “Perfectly straighten hair and pin behind one ear. Then place just one panel of crimp in one section behind the ear.  The crimp effect will act as a subtle accessory in the hair.

Q: What type of styling products do you recommend you use with your crimper for the best results?

AR: "Like with any heat styling tools, use ghd heat protect spray all over hair before applying heat. Simply spritz into damp hair before blow-drying and it will protect your hair from any heat styling afterwards. It provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage and helps to hold styles in place.

Also, remember to use an oil when blow-drying hair beforehand, this will add shine and gloss to the hair.

For a voluminous and swollen finish, use ghd root lift spray all over hair before crimping and then brush through the hair afterwards for extreme volume and texture. 

For a sharp and super defined crimp, before crimping spray each section of hair with ghd final fix hairspray, then crimp over it. This will ensure your crimp is long-lasting and maintains its perfect shape."    



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