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For the 17th annual limited-edition pink collection campaign, ghd has partnered with eight incredible muses. They're communicating a powerful and emotional message about the importance of self-checking for both yourself and your loved ones.

Meet doctors Asad and Sania who both work for the NHS in London. When Sania went through breast cancer aged 24, her then boyfriend Asad was by her side.

They met in 2011 while revising for medical exams in the library. As they progressed through medical school and early years of working in busy London hospitals, they felt they had their whole lives ahead of them. Sania says: “We were hoping to get engaged right at the moment when the big C knocked us down. Asad and I are very similar - when you know the other side of the story, the doctors’ perspective, your mind races to the worst possible outcomes. Through the unpredictable ups and downs that a cancer diagnosis gives you, Asad was my stability.’’

The couple's lives quickly changed following Sania’s diagnosis. She says: “Our lives became dominated with appointments, chemotherapy and a whole lot of hospital waiting rooms. Plans of engagement and marriage were pushed firmly to the side as our lives were put on hold. Even though I was the one with cancer, Asad was flung into the disease and everything it brings with it as well.”

The couple have now been able to move past Sania’s diagnosis together. Sania says: “After the treatment in 2018, we have been able to continue our lives together - it is not always easy, and the fears about recurrence are still there in the background. We got married, and it really has felt like my dream come true. We feel so incredibly lucky to have this person with me till death do us part.”

Asad says: “Through all this you realise life is so precious, every moment, every touch, being together is so much sweeter than it was before. Even though what we went through was so horrific it brought us closer together and made us stronger, I have my best friend back and life is better than I could have ever imagined.”

Having experienced the journey with his now wife, Asad urges young women to make breast checking a part of their routines. He says: “As a doctor, I would say there is no reason not to check your breasts, it can save your life. Often the earlier you find it, the easier you can treat it. Don’t be afraid to know your body and don’t be afraid to ask your GP if something is different. Cancer can strike at any age - you may be 24 or you may be 60. You know yourself best so if something isn’t right, tell your doctor about it.”


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