Breathtaking dutch braid hairstyles

Give the classic braid a makeover and go boho with these voluminous Dutch braid styles. No matter what your style, you can twist them to suit your look.  

The Dutch braid is a big, statement and stand-out hairstyle you can add to your repertoire – yet it still has all that whimsical, boho charm we love.  

To recreate these Dutch braid styles, plait the hair like you would a French braid, pulling in pieces from either side. The Dutch difference is you weave each strand into the main braid by passing it underneath, instead of over, the top.  

Now you’ve got the basics, you’ll be able to whip up these intricate-looking styles like a pro. Whichever you choose, remember to spritz with ghd final fix hairspray to keep your locks looking perfect.  

Dancing at a festival, walking down the aisle or meeting your friends for coffee – we have a style for every occasion. Discover these 10 breathtaking braids and do it Dutch with ghd. 

Double dutch braids

Create double trouble with these double Dutch braids. Sassy fashionista Rita Ora is a big fan of this style on the red carpet – be fierce like her and braid your hair tightly or, for a more romantic touch, use your fingers to pinch and pull the braids, which will create more volume and soften the finished style. 

Double braided buns

Putting a Dutch twist on ‘90s inspired space buns, these double braided buns are a little bit of retro and perfect for your festival get-up. The secret here is starting the braid at the bottom of your hairline. Follow our step-by-step guide so you can create this futuristic look. 

accent braid

Adding a Dutch touch to your free-flowing locks, this accent braid is a delicate way to enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Create a Dutch braid with a small section of your hair, weaving in new strands from underneath, then secure at the end with an elastic. For evening dos, hang delicate charms in the braid to glint in the moonlight. 

Image: @imy_hair

braided low bun

If you have a big occasion coming up, this elegant braided updo is the perfect choice. Sweeping your hair away from your face, showing off your neck and shoulders, this style marries bohemian charm with feminine allure. 

Tip: Loosen some strands of hair at the hairline to soften the look and frame your features.

Image: @blowoutibiza

unicorn braid

Take inspiration from fantasy creatures and dress up your hair unicorn-style. We’re talking Dutch braids and glitter – lots of it. When you’ve perfected your unicorn braid and gently styled the rest of your locks, you’ll be ready to spread a little magic wherever you go.

micro braid

Zoom in on these micro braids to add a Dutch flourish to your loose locks. These miniature braids are ideal for when you need a quick style fix. Whether you’re at the beach or camping at a festival, you can create intricate Dutch style with time to spare. Finish it off with a colour pop like we did for Mollie King at Coachella. 

Image: @ghdhair

double space buns

We’re going intergalactic with these double space buns, taking them to the next level with Dutch braids leading from the hairline. Gwen Stefani and Scary Spice were all about this style in the 1990s, and now it’s made a huge comeback on the A-list festival scene. Recreate this style and you’ll look out of this world.  

Image: @thehairdue

crown braid

Treat yourself like royalty with this incredible crown braid, or halo braid. This updo style effuses bohemian chic – perfect for parties, weddings and black-tie events. Embellish your crown with flowers or pearls to add the finishing touch to your heavenly style.

side braid

This relaxed side braid style is one that can go from day to night, making sure you look effortlessly elegant around the clock. Dutch braid your locks and let them tumble over your shoulder. When the sun goes down, create extra volume and texture by pinching the braids with your fingers and letting some longer strands fall gently around your face.  

braided updo

Our favourite look for a braided bride, this updo style is as romantic as they come. Wrapping soft Dutch braids around your head and securing them in a tousled bun at the nape of your neck, you’ll look every bit the bohemian princess as you walk down the aisle on your big day

From everyday style to formal statements, be inspired by these beautiful looks and get your braid on with ghd.

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