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Shake up the classics with these 10 stunning French braid hairstyles. From romantic updos to glitter bomb statements, you’ll find the perfect plait for your next occasion with ghd.

All hail the French braid. This plaited style is a go-to for ladies with medium to long hair, sweeping your locks away from your face and creating an intricate-looking weave in just a few simple steps.

We like to keep things exciting, so we’re shining a light on these 10 stunning French braid hairstyles. Whether you’re going to work, meeting your friends or hitting the beach, we’ve got a style to suit.

First things first, find out how to French braid your hair like a pro with our step-by-step guide. Then be inspired by these 10 gorgeous looks from ghd.


When you’re trying to achieve an effortless vibe, this half-up hairstyle is your best friend. Weave your locks into a traditional French braid as usual, stopping before you reach the bottom hairline and securing with an elastic. Style your loose-flowing locks into soft beach waves for extra body and texture.

Loose braided bun

This loose braided bun is truly special, winning our hearts in one fell swoop. It’s the epitome of tousled chic, made all the more beautiful with the French braid detail. If you’re looking for a romantic wedding hairstyle, we think this could be the one.


Let the single French braid take centre stage. For everyday style, keep it simple and secure at the ends with an elastic. Then, when the weekend arrives, get creative with ribbons and bandanas, adding a colourful pop to your woven locks.


They say two is better than one, and with these double French braids we couldn’t agree more. Keep them loose for a style that’s sweet and charming. When you’re feeling fierce, pull them tight, taking inspiration from sass queens Rita Ora and Katy Perry.


It’s all about elegance with this braided updo. This stunning hairstyle is made for formal occasions, whether it’s a black-tie event or a red-carpet premier. Add the final touch with stunning accessories, weaving in delicate flowers or pearled beads for a whimsical effect.

Image: @hollycooop


When you’re feeling chilled, let your hair match your mood with this relaxed half updo. Create a super-loose French braid, securing discreetly with hair pins as you go. Gently style the rest of your hair into soft waves and mist with ghd final fix hairspray.

Image: @oliviammay


Have a nineties moment with this crimped French braid hairstyle. Britney, Christina, Beyoncé – this look was all the rage during the pinnacle of pop. This time around, however, the crimp is more sophisticated, giving us texture and volume like never before.

Tip: Don’t crimp the front pieces of hair around your face. Keep these natural and let them hang loose for a sophisticated finish.

Image: @AdamReedhair


Some call it a crown braid, others say it’s a halo. Whether you’re feeling like a queen or an angel, there’s no denying the beauty of this braided updo. It’s a red-carpet favourite, worn by Scarlett Johannsson amongst other Hollywood icons, and now you can own it too. Find out how in our step-by-step guide.


When you’re getting dressed up for a special occasion, this relaxed braided updo is a gorgeous choice. Create a loose French braid down the side of your head, pinning your locks in a tousled bun off-centre. Showing off your neckline and shoulders, this style is glamorous, effortless and feminine all in perfect balance.

Image: @hiddenhair


This funky twist on the French braid is festival-fashion to a tee. Space buns are back in a big way, giving us nineties feels all over again. Whether you’re heading to Glastonbury or flying out to Coachella, make your hair look extra with French braid detail and lashings of glitter.

From formal events to everyday looks, these 10 stunning French braid hairstyles provide inspiration across the spectrum. Find your favourite and style like a pro with help from ghd.


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