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Wavy Pixie

Hollywood Waves

With the ghd curve collection, creating gorgeous curls and waves has never been easier - the difficult part is choosing your favourite! Featuring new ultra-zone technology developed by our team of ghd scientists to leave you with healthier-looking curls that stay locked in; all day and night.

Glam up your look with the ghd curve® classic wave wand. The unique oval-shaped barrel creates gorgeous Hollywood Waves in seconds. An absolute must for any red carpet look; twist wrapping the hair in a continuous direction creates the ideal ripple your hair fans will envy. And don't be afraid to dress out your style; using the ghd oval dressing brush to smooth those waves into place is key for a perfectly flowing look.

For a glam night out with the girls; get waving with this simple how-to guide.


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Classic Curls

How to create Hollywood Waves

1. Prep hair with product and part into quarters

2. Take a section of hair from back of head

3. Wrap the hair around the barrel for 5-8 seconds

4. Continue technique up through section

5. Curl next quarter

6. Repeat technique on front quarters of hair

7. Dress curls with Oval Brush

8. Spritz hair with hairspray

step one: Prep dry hair with ghd curl hold spray and distribute evenly through to ends

Step one: Prep hair with product and part into quarters

For long-lasting healthy curls, prep hair with ghd curl hold spray. Then divide the hair into four quarters.

step two: Twist wrap hair around a curling wand

Step two: Take a section of hair from back of head

Starting at the bottom of a back quarter, take a 2cm diagonal section from the back of the neck and place the ghd curve® classic wave wand above the section.

step three: Repeat technique up towards the parting

Step three: Wrap the hair around the barrel for 5-8 seconds

Wrap hair around the wand away from the face and hold for 5-8 seconds

TIP: Twist wrapping the hair will result in a smoother, more polished result.

step four: Dress out curls with a paddle brush

Step four: Continue technique up through section

Continue curling the hair moving up the section, always with the wand above the hair and pointing it in the same direction

Step five: Curl next quarter

Moving on to the next back quarter, repeat full technique starting from the bottom of the section

Step six: Repeat technique on front quarters of hair

Repeat the full technique on the front two quarters of the hair, making sure you are always sloping diagonally AWAY from the face and wrapping the hair away from the face.

Step seven: Dress curls with oval brush

Brush thoroughly through the hair using the ghd Oval Dressing Brush; the more you brush the softer this look will be.

Step eight: Spritz hair with hairspray

Spritz hair with ghd final fix hairspray to hold into place.


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