Models and stylists before show.

#ghdfashionweek: Dion Lee

Join ghd behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and take a look at Dion Lee's AW19 collection, with hair styled by Eugene Souleiman.

Traditional, flawless tailoring combined with experimental, influential design, Dion Lee came, saw, conquered and took no prisoners with his exhilarating AW19 collection at this season’s New York Fashion Week.

Model close up.
Model close up.

It was this idea of designing with people in mind, as is true with Lee’s collections, that inspired Eugene: “When it came to creating the hair looks, I didn’t really think about the collection… I thought about the girl who would be wearing those clothes… who the collection was designed for… that was my inspiration." Resulting in hair styles which were tough, cool, and refined all at once - a perfect personification of the strength, spirit and sophistication of today’s Dion Lee woman.

Although the hair gives the appearance of being simple, the techniques that go into them are anything but. “It’s not simple, it’s not quick, it’s not done in haste” Eugene says, “it’s very refined and very specific in the techniques used.” The hair is pulled back into what looks like a standard low ponytail from the front, but is actually off-centre, and although the hair is pulled into a bun, it is a bun with a ‘twist’. Comb marks give a feel of toughness and masculinity, creating styles that were “tougher… more assertive, slightly aggressive.”

Close up of model's hair.
Close up of model.
Close up of model's hair.

Get the Look:

Crafting the looks begins with the hair being cleanly split into two sections – one at the top of the head and one at the bottom. The hair from the lower section is then pulled back into a low, slightly left of center ponytail and completely (and liberally) sprayed with Wella Professionals EIMI Mystify Me Strong to give it a tight appearance.

Once the lower section of hair has the desired texture, attention is turned to the top section. First, ghd Platinum+ Styler are used to smooth the hair – this is essential in giving the ponytail its sleek and tight appearance. A fine tooth comb is pulled back through the hair, from the front to the off-center point at the back of the head where the sections meet, and the outcome is that of someone running their fingers through their hair. Once the top and bottom sections have come together, the ponytail is secured using black elastic, the length of it twisted and then twisted again in an upward direction as if (in Eugene’s words) it “recoils on itself”, before it is pinned to the head.

The fact that the hair is supposed to look natural means that it is imperative that it does not look wet in any way; Eugene says, ghd air® hair dryer were vital when it came to perfecting the styles. Once the twist was complete, a ghd air® diffuser dry was used to visibly soften the hair.

The final touches to the looks are in the form of headbands: one which is plain and rakes through the hair, empathising the grooves left by the comb; the other which sits atop the head and is adorned with burnt ostrich feathers.


Stylist applying product to model's hair.
Stylist uses product on model's hair.
Hair accessory detail.
Team working on model's hair.
Close up of model's hair.
Model close up.
Model close up.
Model's hair during styling.
Stylist uses hair dryer to style model's hair.

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